Here at Burgess Technologies Ltd, we have been providing Project Time-lapse Cameras into outdoor construction site projects for over 9 years. If you’ve found your way to this page, chances are you’re in need of an outdoor time-lapse system for your project. There are many time-lapse cameras available on the market, and we may be slightly biassed, but we believe our outdoor project time-lapse camera is one of the most robust and reliable solutions available, anywhere. In this post we will explain how we come to this conclusion, detail the specification of the system, and list all component parts and the set-up.

Construction site 4K outdoor project time-lapse camera.

This is our best-selling 4K ultra HD project time-lapse camera. Yours to own, no rentals, a plug and play system that can be set up by practically anyone.


Burgess Technologies provides 2 x types of project time-lapse cameras, a DSLR solution and a network camera solution. In this post, we will feature the IP based network camera. We have found that between the two systems, the IP camera is the best solution for long term outdoor construction projects.

An IP camera is designed to be outdoors for years, whereas a DSLR camera is not. An IP based project time-lapse camera can run for years without a single maintenance site visit required. Let’s have a closer look at the specification of our outdoor 4K camera.


IP67 is a very high ingress rating, the camera needs no additional housing, it’s already housed and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The “6” indicates the level of protection against solids, such as dust. A rating of “6” means the enclosure is dust-tight, with no ingress of dust permitted. The “7” indicates the level of protection against liquids, specifically immersion in water. A rating of “7” means the enclosure can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter in depth for up to 30 minutes without allowing water to enter.

The camera is powered by POE, Power Over Ethernet. Quite simply, the camera is powered by a data cable. The camera warms with POE power, which means the lens is free from misting.
Outdoor project time-lapse camera
The IP based project time-lapse camera does not need an external housing unit, the camera is self-contained within its own body/housing.

The camera can operate in the harshest of environments, it will still work and capture images at temperatures of -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F)


The project time-lapse camera is compact and not very heavy, it weighs around 1KG, it’s mounted to a pole mount which also weighs around 1KG. The camera is usually attached to a pole on site, this could be some scaffold pole, or a dedicated pole intended just for the camera to be fixed to. You mount the camera’s pole mount to the pole with strapping or steel straps, both of which are provided by Burgess Technologies. You access the camera’s live video stream to help with setting the field of view. Alternatively, we can log into the camera remotely, and send you images to help with the view setting.


The 2nd part of the project time-lapse system is the outdoor 4G box, which is IP65 rated. The 4G Box is the control hub for your networking hardware. It houses your 4G router and POE injector. The Power Over Ethernet injector powers the camera over a supplied 20-meter data cable. Although the distance from the 4G box to the 4K project time-lapse camera can be up to 100 meters. The 4G box can be mounted to a surface or just placed in situ.

The 4G router inside the 4G box is broadband ready. Its pre-configured to high speed 4G network. As soon as it’s plugged into power, the camera will auto send images to your remote cloud folder, and web-portal.
Outdoor 4k 4g project time-lapse camera
One of the stand-out features of the outdoor IP based project time-lapse camera is its durability. We have had projects run for 2-3 years and not one site visit has been required. If you are using this for a construction site, it means there can be no site visits to complete for maintenance. You can use the remote web-portal to check in the project and make sure everything is still working, but we also monitor images daily, if a camera is offline, this is not usually because of a hardware fault, it’s more likely that the power has been cut to the system. If it’s not power, sometimes it can be a fault with the local network, but this is very rare.


For remote project monitoring, the project time-lapse camera sends images to your web-portal. It’s built on a white label domain, From any PC, Laptop or Apple device, you can log in and view your captured images. Most projects are set for an image capture frequency of every 10 minutes.

Remotely, we can change the schedule and frequency for you. The time-lapse portal is password protected. The first page shows the last image captured in full view. You can click on a calendar page where you can view and access historical images.
Moreover, in addition to capturing images, our outdoor time-lapse camera offers live video streaming capability to a mobile phone app, enhancing remote monitoring capabilities. This feature is invaluable for real-time surveillance needs. Furthermore, video footage can be conveniently stored on an SD card, providing a reliable means of recording events for CCTV and insurance purposes.
If your construction time-lapse project has no power available, we can provide a reliable solar system to keep it powered through winter and summer. The set-up is a little different, instead of the mains powered 4G box, we swap that out for a steel battery cabinet. Inside the cabinet we pre-build your networking hardware, and solar charge controller. There is room at the bottom for you to place your 12V battery.

From a local supplier you will need to procure a 12V battery, around 90ah (amp hours). You will also need a solar panel of around 100-150 watts. Burgess Technologies can recommend suppliers for both these parts if necessary.
Solar panel time lapse camera
The initial step is to determine whether mains power is completely unavailable. Remember, with our standard powered system, it’s only the 4G box that needs to be directly next to power, the camera can be up to 300 feet away, connected to the 4G box on an outdoor data cable. The powered system can run off 110v and standard mains voltage. Many time lapse cameras power from on site generators, even if the generator went off every night, and back on in the morning, the camera system would auto boot up and continue capturing images. If solar is a must, then our system is at a good price point, and it can be set up in under an hour.

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Fantastic service, great quality products and support. I cannot rate Paul and his team high enough for their professional services and expert knowledge.

- John Zammit , Owner, Absolute Photography
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