Discover the Global Reach of Burgess Technologies! Villanova new build in Canada, Dam monitoring in South America, Time-Lapsing in Texas, Heineken new build in Nigeria, Renegade Rum Distillery in Grenada. Komatsu in Switzerland, to name only a few. Our time-lapse systems have not only been deployed globally but have also consistently performed flawlessly for years, without the need for site visits. With Burgess Technologies, you can trust that your project will be captured and documented with precision and reliability.


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Join the ranks of hundreds of contractors and media professionals who have already embraced the market's most cost-effective and reliable 4G 4K Time-Lapse camera system.



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4k 4g construction site time lapse camera

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Portal & SIM

Remember to include your remote web portal and 4G VPN SIM card, both essential components for your time-lapse system.

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We love talking time-lapse. If you need help or want to reach out, please don't hesitate to do so using one of the methods above.

Recent Feedback

"Superb support, had a few issues during the project with power cuts, mobile networks going down and they were always contactable and helped resolve the problems ASAP, highly recommend."

- Steven Gourlay, Owner of Steven Gourlay Photography Ltd


Time lapse camera system are a one-time purchase, and you will own the hardware for years to come. We offer SIM packages, allowing the system to be shipped broadband-ready. SIM packages can be paid monthly via direct debit or invoiced annually. Additionally, our web portal is available for purchase as an annual service. You can add these products together from our store, or contact us for a pro-forma invoice.

To get started, simply plug the 4G Box into a power source, whether it’s 12V, 110V, or 240V. Then, mount the camera and connect it to the 4G Box using the provided 20mtr data cable. It’s worth noting that you can extend this cable up to 100mtrs, that’s it, job done!

Hardware failures are extremely rare, it’s not uncommon for these systems to run for years without any issues. However, in the unlikely event that there is a fault with the hardware, we offer an advanced replacement service to ensure that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer flexible payment options for the SIM card, including upfront annual payments or automatic payments set up via direct debit, which can be easily arranged online. The 4G router is broadband ready, and pre-configured to a high-speed cellular network, and we have a VPN connection in place for remote support if needed.

Systems come pre-built and pre-configured, so all you need to do is provide power. Once the system has power, it will immediately start capturing images and sending them to your cloud folder directory. There’s no need for any additional setup or configuration, making it incredibly easy to use.

On the day of set up, we can send images via WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can use a command in your web browser to instruct the camera to capture and download an image.

All images captured by the camera are stored securely on the cloud server. From there, the web portal is created, and you will have a separate login to access and efficiently download your images in bulk..

Transferring images is a breeze with Filezilla, a computer app that allows you to do so easily, anytime and from anywhere. We provide helpful how-to videos to guide you through the process, making it simple and straightforward even if you’re not familiar with the app.

Our time-lapse system is flexible when it comes to power. It can run off 110V and 240V, and only the 4G box requires direct power. We can also ship the system as 12V solar-ready, with the solar hardware being the only additional requirement for full functionality.

The time-lapse system and all included hardware, automatically reboot when the power is back on.