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Amazon time lapse camera


Time-lapse photography, which documents changes and movements in a specific scene over a period of time, has gained popularity in recent years. Technology developments have made it simpler and more economical to create time-lapse recordings, and many customers are using online retailers like Amazon to buy time-lapse cameras. There are certain crucial elements you should take into account before clicking the “purchase” button on Amazon for a amazon time-lapse camera, though.

problems with amazon time lapse camera systems


Resolution is small, usually, 1080p HD and none come with remote management, which is very important.

Amazon time lapse camera: Quality control

The absence of quality control is one of the main disadvantages of buying a time lapse camera from Amazon. There is no assurance that the item you receive will be of high quality or that it will even function. This is so that products listed for sale on Amazon by third-party vendors, who might not have strict quality control procedures in place, can be sold. You might as a result end up with a camera that produces poor-quality images, is prone to breakage, or just doesn’t operate.


Products with inaccurate descriptions

The product descriptions for time-lapse cameras on Amazon could be unreliable, which is another problem. For instance, a camera could be touted as having features like built-in Wi-Fi or high resolution when it actually doesn’t. If the camera you receive doesn’t live up to your expectations, this could cause disappointment and annoyance.



The Burgess remote monitored time-lapse systems cover 4K @ 8.3MP up to 24MP in resolution. Powerful, high quality systems.

Customer support is scarce

There may be few choices for customer service if you buy a time-lapse camera from Amazon. You could have to rely on the seller or Amazon’s customer care, which can be slow and useless, if you have any problems with the camera. When you buy a camera from a specialised merchant, however, you have access to educated and committed customer care that can assist you with any problems you might run across.

no practical experience


You cannot physically touch or test out a time-lapse camera before you buy one from Amazon, which is another drawback. Because of this, it could be challenging to tell if the camera is a good fit for you or if it contains the capabilities you require. When you buy a camera from a physical store, you have the opportunity to hold the camera in your hands, experiment with different settings, and get a sense of its weight and size, all of which can aid in your decision-making.


Return and warranty policies

Finally, it’s critical to think about the warranty and return policy prior to making an Amazon purchase of a time-lapse camera. Some third-party dealers might not provide warranties, and you might not be able to return the camera for a full refund if it has any problems. A strong warranty and return policy are available to you when you buy a camera from a specialised camera merchant, which can give you piece of mind.


Amazon Time Lapse & our system - resolution

You can pick up an amazon time lapse camera for a few hundred pounds, but they will only be around 1080p in resolution. The burgess technologies time lapse camera systems are 4K minimum in resolution. This gives you an image quality of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is much better for post production. 4K is our minimum resolution, and cameras go up to 24 megapixels. Our IP range is 4K @ 8.3mp, which is our most popular option, we also have a 12MP network IP system. Our DSLR range starts at 24MP, using a canon 2000D.


example of a 4K time lapse image


This is one of our remote managed 4K 4G systems, a project with Northern Rail

Amazon Time Lapse & our system - Monitoring

Amazon time lapse cameras are not remotely monitored, most are on-board systems. This means they store the images locally. This can be problematic, because you have no idea if the system is working. Many times we hear horror stories of people collecting the camera, and removing the SD card, only to learn the camera stopped sending images after a certain amount of time. With a burgess system, you can monitor the system remotely. This is done through our remotely operated web-portal, each and every day you will know if your system is still working.


Amazon Time Lapse & our system - Support

Thankfully, our support team doesn’t get called upon that often, that is because our time-lapse system run extremely well. You can deploy them at construction sites for years with no issues. The DSLR system usually needs a little more maintenance, as any DSLR is not meant to be operated externally for years. If you do need support, we are here to help. We are based in the UK and have been building time-lapse systems for over 8 years.



In conclusion, even if buying a amazon time-lapse camera could seem like an economical and practical choice, there are a lot of potential disadvantages to take into account. Consider your options carefully before making a purchase because of problems with quality control, incomplete product descriptions, poor customer assistance, a lack of practical experience, and unfavourable warranty and return policies, to name a few. It is recommended to buy from a specialised camera supplier if you want to be sure you acquire a high-quality time-lapse camera that suits your expectations.