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Filezilla: Transfering your Time Lapse Images

FileZilla is a Free FTP Client. FTP = File Transfer Protocol, an easy method for transferring your Time Lapse images stored in the cloud, to your local PC. Below is an overview video on setting up FileZilla and transferring your images. FTP just like 4G, Network Cameras and IP, its probably all a bit new to you. However, once you have done this a few times its all very easy.

Look at your cloud folder as your archive and storage but not necessarily the library where you flick through and view images. It is best to do that and the post production when the images are on your local machine.

  1. Install the Filezilla Client Link here
  2. Use the Site Manager & Enter Host, Username, Password and Port – ( details on the excel sheet we sent you )
  3. Select images (all on the right) to your Local Documents (on the left)
  4. After you have done this a few times, see our tutorial on Filezilla Site Manager, this is a quicker way to access images.

BELOW: Enter your Host (domain name), User-name, Password & Port Number. These are on your provided Access Sheet 

  • Click the Site Manager within File ( top left )
  • Click new site & Name
  • Host, Port Number, User Name & Password are all on your excel sheet
  • Copy the rest of the info as per the image and click OK
  • Then go back in and press connect – You should now see your images

BELOW: The message box and prompt to skip images wont appear until all the new images have transferred first. If you navigate away from Filezilla (whilst its downloading new images), Make sure you come back to your PC as it may be waiting for the command. The Skip Prompt shows at around 34 seconds into the video below. 

EXAMPLE: You have transferred your first batch of images and a month has passed, remember that first batch will stay in your Cloud. You log into FileZilla again to transfer the last 4 weeks of images. Complete the above as usual and your local folder will start to populate with all the new images. FileZilla will then notice that you have transferred some of the images that are already in your Timelapse Folder. So, we simply command FileZilla to "SKIP" those images. Your Local Folder will now only populate with any new images since the last transfer. 



Your 50GIG Cloud will hold 10's of 1000's of images. However FileZilla sometimes can stop filling up when you have around 7500 - 8000 images in your folder. Don't worry your images will still be in the cloud. Here is how you select some to delete. Alternatively you could download a few thousand, zip file them locally and then upload back to your cloud folder as an archive.

The below video shows you an example of selecting to delete images. FOR TRANSFER: Just drag the selected to your local document folder on the left. You can also use "Ctrl" & "A" on your keyboard to select all.