Pre-built & configured, tested and ready to GO !

First find out if there is POWER on site. Our system accepts 110v to 240v mains on-site power. 12v battery & solar is also an option. Remember: Its only our 4G Box that needs direct power, the camera can be 10, 50, 300 or even 1000 feet away. The camera receives power from the included pre-terminated Cat5e data cable.

Next, consider how you want your network CONNECTION created. 90% of our systems ship with a Machine to Machine 4G LTE Router. Very popular as the system is 100% pre-configured, broadband & remote access ready. Alternatively, you can use an on site network or our Wi-Fi extender box. Both options will open up more features: live video & also remove the SIM cost, but both will require you to finish the set up & config on site.

Consider your REMOTE VIEW OPTIONS. Each system as standard will send your images off site to a remote image folder directory. The film producer can access this anytime & anywhere and mass transfer images for post production. For your end client, we can either build our remote monitoring portal & full res image list or the image list with no portal. Storage, Image Lists & Portals are paid annually. The portal page is here.

Not just remote managed time lapse. With UPGRADES you can add Live Video over 4G, Live Video to the Portal, Live Video to YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, Live Video Scheduled Clips, Ground accessed 500GB on-board storage, Cloud Sync to Onedrive, Dropbox etc.