First, find out if there is POWER on site. Our systems accept 110v & 240v mains on-site power, 12v battery & solar is also an option. Remember: It’s only the BURGESS 4G Control Box that needs direct power, the camera can be 10, 50, 300 or even 1000 feet away. The camera powers and connects back to the Box on a supplied outdoor data cable. As all our hardware accepts 110v, utilizing power from an on-site generator is also an option.

Next, consider your NETWORK connection, how you want the BURGESS Time-Lapse & Live Video System to receive internet. 95% of our solutions ship out 4G/5G broadband ready. You can also utilize an on site network. However, this is usually problematic as the end client’s IT department prefer not to have 3rd party devices on their network. Furthermore, for on site network deployments, there is no off-site access for BURGESS to remote in and support. The majority of our systems ship with our pre-configured 4G/5G broadband, we have a private VPN connection which allows us to remote in and support.

Consider your REMOTE VIEW OPTIONS. Each system as standard will send captured images off site to a remote image folder directory. The film producer can access this anytime & anywhere and mass transfer images for post-production. The end client can monitor the build through the BURGESS image web-portal, you can see an example of that here. Each camera as standard can stream live video to a mobile client. You also have the option to buddy up our mini 4MP YouTube Live stream camera. When you stream video to YouTube, you are using Googles own servers, this ensures the stream is smooth and sharp. The stream can be set to private, only people with the access key can view. You can then monitor the build on a Smart TV and any web-browser.

UPGRADES include: Mobile Client Live Stream, YouTube Live Stream, Live Video to Cloud VMS with motion alerts. AI features such as Perimeter Protection with Virtual Tripwires.