Sony Zoom Settings

Our impressive Sony Time-Lapse & Live Video Solution, on-board stores and off-site cloud archives images in 20MP resolution @ 5472 x 3648. Focal length: F = 8.8 mm to 25.7 mm. Optical zoom 2.9x, Clear Image Zoom 2.0x, Digital zoom 2.0x = Total zoom 11.6x.

The first image below is the camera in its default settings, no zoom has been used. As you can see its capturing some of the roof. The second image is with the optical zoom used.

The below picture is only a screen shot, in 1254 x 595 resolution. This has been zoomed in on our PC, like the similar zoom you can do in post production. If you look back at the very first picture and note how far away the white van in. Post zoomed in, it still holds its focus quite well.

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