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Below are a few examples where you can see our technology as part of a produced short film. This will give you an insight into final delivery. However, its good to note that there are many factors that can determine the quality. Was the time lapse films produced in their 4K original resolution ? Burgess Technologies is not a production company, we provide our systems to partners who complete post production. The below examples are from our best selling 4K UHD 8.3MP cellular system.

London Bridge Theatre - Balcony build

Steve the owner of Wildside UK Productions had never worked with network and cellular technology before. Steve is an award-winning cameraman of some 20+ years and works mainly with broadcasting cameras. PORTFOLIO LINK HERE

The End Client wanted to deploy our 4K UHD 4G system so they would have the ability to check on images remotely. At the same time they ran a broadcasting camera which was also used for time-lapse. This created a useful test to compare both.

The start of this flim is recorded with a SONY Broadcasting camera – Our camera is the one with the wider angle. The zoom and lens angle can be operated remotely. If you hover your mouse over the time section at the foot of the video, when it around 41 seconds is when its our 4K system.


The End-client enjoys this remote web-browser portal. Multiple & practically an unlimited amount of people with the log in credentials can view from anywhere. We can remote into the hardware for any support requests. You can view, share and mass transfer your images for post-production at any-time and anywhere.

PLEASE NOTE: The recording screen grab below is from a laptop on a 720p monitor.

Lazenby - Cannon Green London

This product was delivered by Seveer Media based in Manchester. The end client is Lazenby and for almost a quarter of a century they been regarded as the leaders in the field of decorative concrete. This project involved three of our 4K UHD 4G Time Lapse systems. Like all our customers new and old, Seveer media had never installed this technology before. We spent around 5 days building and testing the system. Seveer just powered up and positioned the cameras. PORTFOLIO LINK HERE


Original video link here. The time lapse sequence using images captured from our system starts at 1 minute in.

Quaker burial site discovered on Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Estate

A 200-year-old burial site was discovered during redevelopment work at Brighton Dome Corn Exchange. Our 2nd camera system, installed by Echo Video helped keep an eye on unexpected find. You can read the full press article here.

Remote Camera System 2

New Waverley - Edinburgh

To see an example time lapse film CLICK THE LINK BELOW. This is a monthly update film for owners, investors, architects etc. Do be sure to select 1080P. This is a great update film from Mettje Hunneman of VideoLab Studio in Scotland. Also note that a final film can be produced in its full 4K if required. Mettje’s monthly update film is 1080P

External Link here to Recent Time-lapse 


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