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Product Description

Pre-configured self install IP Broadcasting Camera System. 24/7 High Definition live video streaming of Construction, Tourism, Education and even Wildlife applications. Burgess Technologies will set the camera to stream live video to Facebook, YouTube and other streaming services. No computer or server is required and all the technical configuration is completed by ourselves.

Integrate the camera into an available network point (router/switch) and the 1080P HD IP broadcasting camera is instantly operational. Available only as part of our “On-site available network” range, a live transmission camera can not be used with our 4G BOX. The required SIM data would be unmanageable. The flip side being this type of system is not really installed at remote locations like our 4K Time Lapse Camera system. It is deployed for promotion or remote monitoring of an enterprise where a network infrastructure is usually in place.

The End Client will more thank likely have a network switch that is POE enabled (Power Over Ethernet). One supplied outdoor data cable connects and powers the entire system. If the available switch is not POE enabled just simply daisy chain one of our POE injectors. The outdoor (IP66, NEMA 4X and IK10 rated) housing unit needs no external power. It features a thermal heat spreader, which helps with heat dissipation.

  • Live IP transmission broadcasting system.
  • Constant stream or schedule settings.
  • View on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion & more.
  • Full workshop build and configuration, YouTube ready.
  • No Pc, Encoder or Public IP address required.
  • Embed to your website.
  • Audio support for sports applications.
  • Watchdog feature, email alert if connection drops.
  • Overlay graphics as an upgrade.
  • With or without Time Lapse features.
  • 4K UHD streaming as an upgrade.
  • live stream broadcasting ip camera


    Lets get on the phone or drop us an email. We love this technology and have the pleasure to work with it every day of the year, ask us about it.. If you went ahead with one of or live stream broadcast systems we would deliver it as a ready to go solution. We spend days building and testing in our workshop so you don’t have to. We remove all the hassle and associated time and effort with setting up such a system from scratch. Burgess Technologies is a “Virtual Installer“, we provide pre-built self install systems and we monitor and support remotely.

  • Youtube live ip camera system


    Our pre-config service pretty much completes 99% of all the hassle associated with building such systems. The only thing you need to do is plug it into an available port on your LAN router or switch. We provide all required mounting accessories and you can tell us your desired outdoor rated data cable length. You can run a maximum of 100 mtrs from the cameras location back to your network point. We configure all the cameras DNS settings and static ip address set up and so much more. You will be emailed your access sheet with user log in credentials. As soon as the hd ip live broadcasting camera is plugged in, it will instantly be operational and streaming live to YouTube. You can set the stream to public or private and embed this to your on website or our own monitoring portal. 

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    There are 2 x main areas your live stream network hd camera will fall into: You will either be willing or wanting anyone to see the stream or you may want the stream to stay private. The former is based more on a live broadcast camera being used to promote an existing business for tourism and revenue. The latter, setting it to private may be a construction project and only people within the enterprise or directly involved with the project may view. Using YouTube live does not have to mean that everyone can access the stream, it can simply be set to private. What it does mean is you will be using googles own advanced servers and smooth streaming technology features.


  • A mounting position
  • An internet connection
  • A spare switch/router port
  • 3-6 Mbps speed for 1080p stream
  • 13 Mpbs+ for our 4K live stream system **Upgrade
ip streaming camera for youtube


In 2015 Canon acquired Axis communications for over $2.5 Billion, this is powerful and reliable technology. Canon have been delivering leading edge imaging technologies for over 80 years. Axis was the pioneer behind the worlds first network camera back in 1996.

Time-lapse ready: If your live camera is being used for a construction project or any application which would benefit from archived JPEG’s, then we can add Time-lapse as an upgrade.