Indoor 1080p HD, 4G LTE PTZ Ethernet IP Camera, 20 x Optical Zoom

Indoor 1080p HD, 4G LTE PTZ Ethernet IP Camera, 20 x Optical Zoom


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Product Description

Indoor PTZ 3G and 4G IP Camera over Ethernet. This product is ideal for internal video surveillance applications where no internet connection is available. Designed for the End User who needs the functionality of a remote Pan Tilt and Zoom. The 3G/4G Indoor PTZ IP camera also features an endless 360° rotation and 20 x Optical Zoom.

The full system includes a M2M (Machine to Machine) 4G Router. This is backwards compatible to a 3G architecture, giving you freedom and flexibility on your Fixed IP SIM Contract.

All the complicated set up and configuration is completed in-house. This removes the need for any specialist installation on-site. We Pre-Programme the Camera, Cellular Router and SIM Card. This saves you a great deal of time and removes the hassle of searching through multiple installation guides.

When the 3G/4G PTZ IP Ethernet Camera is in your possession, it requires the hardware to be mounted, positioned and powered. Along with the camera, we will provide you with the camera pre-configures external IP address and port number. You or your End User will immediately be able to log in and view the monitored area from a remote location.

This on-page system includes the Camera, PoE Injector & Cellular Router. You will also need a Fixed SIM Card, available to buy from Burgess Technologies.

Typical Installation

  1. Position & Fix the Camera to a hard or drop ceiling
  2. Run a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet Cable from the Camera to the 3G/4G Router
  3. Daisy chain the small included POE Injector to the Cellular Router

Use the external access details we provide and you can log in from a web-browser and remotley monitor and Pan Tilt and Zoom.

Key Features

  • Full HD, 1080, 1920 x 1080p
  • Remote Pan, Tilt and 20 x Optical Zoom
  • Remote Controlled 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Multiple Remote Users with their own log in details
  • On-board recording, up to 128GB Micro SD Card
  • Ceiling & in-ceiling mounting options
  • 4G/3G High Speed M2M Cellular Router Included
  • Fully Pre-Programmed for a hassle free installation

Our Pre-Programming service saves you time and money. It removes the hassle of having to find a specialist engineer to complete all the configuration parameters.

In-house and from our workshop, we configure the Camera, Router and SIM card. We provide you with all the necessary log in details for remote access.

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