Camera Connector Outdoor Ethernet Cable – Max 330 FEET

Camera Connector Outdoor Ethernet Cable – Max 330 FEET


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Product Description

Only our Networking & Communications Box needs direct Power. The Camera can be 100’s of feet away, connected on one single cat5e Data/Ethernet Cable.

Burgess Tech has been building reliable HD & UHD Cellular Time Lapse Systems for years. Gradually perfecting our “Out of the Box” Plug & Capture Powerful Solution.

Our included Pre-Build & Pre-Programme service ensures installation is fast and hassle free. The Camera is already secured to a Pole Mount Adaptor, attach this to your structure, plug in the Comms Box and installation is now complete.

For a quick System & Field of View Check, click the “Remote Set Up Image GRABBER !” an image from the Camera will be downloaded to your web-borwser in seconds.

Most camera installation applications would require a data installer visiting the site. He/She would run a reel of outdoor cable from your Comms Box to your camera. He/She would then strip the cable and terminate each end.

To save you the hassle of needing to organise this, we can build the cable up for you. Think of this as a long Cat5e Ethernet Patch Lead.

The Standard System includes a 15M (50 FEET) Outdoor Camera Connector Cable & a 30M (100 FEET) is an upgrade. If the distance from your Comms Box to the Camera is greater, then make a selection here. 

Additional Information

Size in FEET

65, 130, 200, 260, 330