12V to POE 4G Solar BOX, 4K-UHD 8.3MP Time Lapse Camera, Remote Portal & Cloud


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Off-Grid Solar Powered network video time lapse camera. This system features our 4G 12V/POE SOLAR BOX, Solar Panels & our 4K Ultra HD Camera with a 2.8mm fixed lens. This system captures and cloud stores images in  3840 x 2160 pixels. The camera features a 2.8mm fixed lens and delivers a wide angle of 102 degrees.

Flexible install: The camera can be 100’s of feet from the solar equipment. Our 4G Solar Box sends data and power over a supplied external cable. This outdoor network cable can be ran in single lengths of 100 Mtrs.


  1. 4G, 12V External Solar Box
  2. Cellular & Networking Hardware
  3. Data Cable
  4. 200 Watt Solar Panel
  5. Solar Panel Mount ( Floor or Pole )
  6. 12V 110ah Battery
  7. 4K Ultra HD Network Camera
4g time lapse over poe


The End-client enjoys this remote web-browser portal. Multiple & practically an unlimited amount of people with the log in credentials can view from anywhere. We can remote into the hardware for any support requests. You can view, share and mass transfer your images for post-production at any-time and anywhere

PLEASE NOTE: The recording screen grab below is only 900 pixels, NOT the 3840 x 2160 original resolution.

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    4G 12V SOLAR BOX

    Enclosure that we build your Cellular and Networking Parts into. Your solar charge controller is mounted to the plate. Your Pre-Programmed hardware is DIN Rail Mounted and safely organised. You the run the included outdoor Ethernet cable out to the camera. The camera can be some 300 feet from the solar box and panels.

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    50 GIG CLOUD - RAID 1

    We integrate your camera with a scheduled capture plan to a secure Remote Cloud Host. This makes installation fast and hassle free. The camera will auto archive images as soon as our Control BOX has power. You access the images remotely and mass transfer to your computer with Filezilla. The End Client uses the on-line Monitoring Portal.

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    Part of our pre-build service includes coating the lens front of the camera with an advanced marine grade rain repellent. We apply a Nano PTFE coating which is specially designed for dirt, grease and water repellency. Nano technology is a technique that makes it possible to work with particles in the order of nanometers, which is one billionth of a meter.


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