Filezilla Site Manager for Quicker Access

Filezilla Site Manager for Quicker Access

This post is designed for people who have already used Filezilla a few times to transfer images. You already have some experience in using your log in credentials and making a connection to the remote cloud host.

There are several more in-depth posts on Filezilla but in a nutshell: Filezilla is a FREE FTP Client which makes a connection to your remote cloud image folder and allows you to transfer images to your own “local” computer.

If you have multiple cloud servers through Burgess Technologies then using the Filezilla Site Manager can be useful. Even for single site applications you may find this a quicker method of logging in and transferring images.

Your current FileZilla log in will require you to enter all your log in details for each new session, with Site Manager you can have those details stored. Furthermore, you can have your local image folder path saved.

** When we say “local folder” this is the folder on your local machine, your personal computer, your laptop or MAC etc. 

BELOW IS A QUICK OVERVIEW VIDEO of logging in with site manager.

Don’t miss the start as it shows you where the Site Manager is


  1. Within Site Manager we have added the credentials of the remote site(s) we will be connecting to.
  2. You have an option to auto connect ( as per video example ) or be prompted for your password.
  3. Your local folder where you usually transfer images to is already saved.
  4. You can quickly reference the number of images you currently have in your local folder & remote folder.
  5. Click any image in the remote folder and then click “Ctrl” & “A” together on your keyboard ( short code for select all ).
  6. Then drag the selected “all” to your local folder.
  7. FileZilla will note any images you have already transferred, select “skip” when prompted to exclude these.


If you had 2 or 3 different sites you could have each saved in the Site Manager and named as per your project. This will be an easier way to manage multiple construction projects.


Follow the below, if you struggle we can set up a Screen Share and remotely control your PC and do it for you.

  1. Click Site Manager Top Left
  2. Click “New Site” & name it
  3. Complete the “General” & “Advanced” top tabs but leave “Transfer settings” & “Charset”

GENERAL TAB: Add your provided host name. . . .Protocol: Select “FTP – File Transfer Protocol” . . . . . . Encryption: Select “Require explicit FTP over TLS”. . . .  Login Type select “Normal”. . . . . Then input your provided User Name & Password.

ADVANCED TAB:  Browse and select your local folder where you save your time lapse images to. The remote folder is the name of the cloud folder you want to connect to. This is really important as it will effect the way you first view and transfer images.

Example: Your remote folder path is usually your cloud domain name followed by 2 x folders.

  1. So, if you put your remote site directory as /timelapse and going off the above path, the connection will take you directly into your JPEG folder, as per the video examples.
  2. If you put /images as the remote site directory this will take you one step back and the instant connection will take you to the folder ( SEE VIDEO BELOW )

Don’t be too confused by this just try either, the difference this makes depends if you want to drag your folder over or select your images with the ability to compare folder quantities first.


Can't quite manage this ?

Please do have a try, if you cant quite manage the set up we can do it for you.

We would need to use something like TeamViewer and you share your PC. Remotely we can then take control of your computer and make the changes for you. You will need to schedule this in with us, please email Paul –

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