4G Comms Box & Camera Mounting

4G Comms Box & Camera Mounting

Included in our system price is our pre-build and configuration service which can save you £100’s. No electrician or camera technician is required on site, all the time consuming set up is completed in our workshop. The only thing left to do is power up our 4G comms box and position and point the camera. This page will help you prepare for the installation day and ensure nothing is overlooked.

The IP65 comms box as pictured above is included but without the pole mount bracket. Typically this box is installed indoors. The lid is secured with 4 screws and the cellular and networking hardware is DIN rail mounted. This is the most common deployed and often screwed to a wall. Optional upgrades include:

  • The Pole Mount Bracket – Fitted and Secured
  • A lockable Wall Mount Box – Key/Lock
  • A larger Box to take the optional 1TB HDD
  • A larger Box to house Plug Sockets – usually when Pole Mounted


For mains power applications and even solar, the comms box is installed at Point A, which is where your power supply is. The camera location is Point B, this can be 100’s of feet away from the plug socket. Point A and B are connected on one supplied outdoor data cable. The comms box outputs data and power over the Ethernet cable to the camera. You can run 100MTRS (330 Feet) as standard. The 4G comms box features 20mm cable glands and your outdoor cable is already cellular connected and ready to plug into your camera. AS STANDARD, the system ships with a 50 foot outdoor data cable, we can make this longer upon request.

poe extender



4k time lapse on pole
pole mount

The camera is usually always pole mounted, the included bracket is similar to the middle image above. The included steel straps will fit a pole that is 67 – 127mm. The comms box as covered at the start is usually wall mounted. It has a high ingress rating of IP65 so it can be used outdoors. If you want to pole mount it you need to buy a bracket from us as an accessory add on. If you want to run your own power sockets into the same waterproof enclosure (comms box) you need to request this. That would involve an upgrade to a larger enclosure.


  • The included comms box is small & compact, the lid is secure with 4 x screws and it can be fitted to a wall.
  • Enclosure upgrades and accessory’s are available to purchase from us.
  • The camera can be 100’s of feet from the mains power.
  • The included steel straps for the camera pole mount will fit a pole that is 67 – 127mm wide.
  • The included outdoor data cable is 50 foot – Longer lengths need to be requested, max of 330 feet.
  • The additional indoor/outdoor high gain antenna has a 5MTR lead – 10MTR extension leads can be purchased

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