Solar Time Lapse

Solar and Battery Support

Finding local power will ensure a faster installation. With our system its only our “comms box” that needs direct power. Within the comms box (grey enclosure) is a small POE switch. From that a single data cable (supplied) powers and connects the camera. Therefore the camera can be 100’s of feet from a mains power supply.

For applications where solar is the only choice we make our cellular, networking and camera hardware 12V DC Input ready. The camera and router have a combined 20W output. This is the maximum, typically its much less. Even so, a single 120W panel would be a little on the light side so we advise on 2 x 120W panels, as pictured below. Pole mounting the Panels is also an option.

Image of the HD Camera on the 3G router

Solar Powered, Construction Site HD & 4K IP Time Lapse Camera

This is a recent Rapidly Deployed, Solar Powered Construction Site HD & 4K IP Time Lapse Camera System, we designed and built. We wanted to showcase the end to end and simple to install solution. Most importantly, we wanted to share our partners project from a customer industry sector that we get a lot of requests from.

Our new customer is a traditional photography company. An ever growing market place, one that we at Burgess Technologies are asked for assistance for sales and support. Ian was currently buying a DSLR based Time lapse Camera System. He would procure and ship this in from America. This had the option to add solar PV panels and a battery, for an off-grid solution.

There was two main reasons Ian reached out to Burgess Technologies. Reason number one: Was because he wanted to work with a local partner. America is a leading country, in regards to emerging technology but not so great if its 10am in the UK and you need to phone someone. Reason number two and probably the most relevant: He wanted to deploy a Cellular, Ethernet based HD Time Lapse Camera.

In this post we are going to look at how we built the system, what technology we used and document the entire journey with images along the way. Alternatively, if you just want to jump straight to the Solar Powered Time Lapse Camera, for specification and pricing, see this link here or click the image below. 

Blog image of the Solar Powered Time Lapse Camera

^ Click image for the 4MP, 2688 × 1520 Camera, Solar Off-Grid is an easy and cost effective add-on

Solar Powered 3G Time Lapse: The Main Benefit

NO MORE TRIPS TO SITE. With his old DSLR Time Lapse System Ian was still traveling to site to retrieve his images. There was several main drawbacks to this. First of all, the time, money and effort associated with having to drive to the construction site. He would usually have to book a day to go down and physically export the images from the camera. Our now new customer sometimes found that the cameras had not been working for long periods and he had no way of knowing.

For our Solar Powered HD camera, we could list feature after feature. Without any doubt, the main one is that with our Ethernet and Cellular Systems, you can check your image library remotely. This could be from your home or office. Anywhere around the globe that has an internet connection and web-browser.

Furthermore, we can have our HD Time Lapse Camera email you, if a connection is ever lost the camera and software will send you an email. How good is that ! This is one of many ways to remotely check in on the site and your images. You can have your own cloud server where your image library is, log into that remotely. Alternatively you could upgrade to the BT remote Portal. This will automatically place and refresh a HD image of your construction site, every X/Number of minutes.

Cloud Based Construction Monitoring

Solar Powered IP Time Lapse: The Camera

We give our partners several choices when it comes to the selection of the HD IP Time Lapse Camera. Our standard is HD. What we mean is the minimum resolution we provide is High Definition. The lowest option of megapixel we build our systems around is 4MP. This is a popular choice with installers and provides a construction site image of 2688 × 1520 pixels. This gives you a bit of freedom and flexibility over full HD. 1080P has a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

We also offer a 4K Solar Powered HD IP Camera and this offers a resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels. Although the 4K camera is more money, we advise people to go for the 4MP. It’s less money and will capture an image that is more than adequate to produce clear and detailed images.

However, there are times when our partners end user requests 4K. This specific construction is one of those times. Ians Time Lapse Project involved the construction of a large bridge. For Burgess technologies this was heaven, we love bridge builds and the feats of engineering that make them happen.

There was two Off Grid locations on-site that needed image capture and archiving. One of those areas was more high profile than the other. For this location the End User wanted a larger resolution that 4K offers.

So, that is exactly what we did. We provided and Pre-Programmed 2 x Ethernet based HD Cameras. One was 4MP @ 2688 × 1520 pixels. The other was 8MP (4K) @ 4096 × 2160.The BT OFF Gridder

The next part saves you Time & Money

Before we added our Rapid Deploy Service, you would receive the hardware and then the work would just start. You would have a SIM card, 3G/4G Router and High Powered, High Resolution Network Camera. Also, like this Time Lapse Project, you would have all the Solar Equipment to figure out.

We found traditional photography customers and other partners we work work, architects and Contractors and more, would outsource all the IT and Network work associated with setting up the Cellular based system. Even then, you would need to find someone who has the expertise in those areas. Then when you had found someone, you would need to get them to site.

This older and less sophisticated setup would cost you a lot of time and money. Now with the included BT Rapid Deployment, we configure each and every networking, cellular and surveillance part. As this is a 3G and 4G based Solar Time Lapse System, it’s effectively a stand alone solution. This allows us to complete all the configuration framework from our workshop.

We dont like the term Plug and Play, but out systems are pretty much that !

On site you have several parts to install, but we have had partners complete this in 30 minutes. Remember, everything has been configured, so it’s just a case of plugging things together. There is a little more to the Solar equipment, but this can be installed in under 1 hour.

Solar Time Lapse: The Off-Grid Parts

Reference the Solar Kit, we provide everything apart from the Pole. Usually the installer would use some scaffold pole available on site. We are one of very few people who provide a Pole Mount Adaptor for the PV Solar Panels. Most Panels are made for ground and roof mounting, which is not ideal for construction sites.

In a typical set up and as you can see in the image below, the Time Lapse Camera would be mounted on the top of the pole. The PV Panels would be mounted further down and there would be an enclosure at the foot of the pole. The enclosure would house the deep cycle battery and 3G/4G Cellular Router.

Solar powered 3G Time Lapse Camera image


You now have your Solar hardware and 3G Time Lapse Camera set up and the system is capturing images. Next you need to consider how you want to monitor the build, store and view images. The most popular and cost efficient way is to store HD images to the Cloud. We can set the camera to capture and image and send it to the Cloud. This is ideal if you just want to log in every month or so to download images. You can upgrade to the BT Time Lapse Portal, this is a more iterative viewing and project management experience.

For video examples on the Cloud & Portal, please see this page here.

Project Update

Frame Line LTD are now around a month into the Project. Ian is capturing a new Bridge which is being built in New Ross in Ireland. Its the worlds longest Three Tower Extradosed Bridge and will stretch 3000 Feet. Its part of a £250 Million new bypass project.

The below image is from our Solar Camera, this has been cut down in size though. For more images, see the full Solar Time Lapse Camera page.

Credit: Frame Line LTDThe