IP Broadcasting Video Camera

Live Stream Network IP Broadcasting Camera in HD & Ultra HD 4K

IP Video Cameras for surveillance have been out and about for many years. Pioneered by Axis communications, who are now owned by Canon. Over time they have taken over from older more traditional closed circuit CCTV camera systems.

These cameras are now a serious option for IP based live camera streaming. If you have a construction project or business to promote, you can now consider one of our pre-configured IP broadcasting camera systems.

For decades older VGA analogue cameras streamed video at a low resolution of 640 x 500, or something to close to that. Then IP cameras was seen as more powerful and advanced as they could shoot video in High Definition (HD) 1920 x 1080. Those cameras could stream video in full HD at around 8 FPS ( Frames Per Second ).

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Burgess Technologies pre-builds and configures the IP Broadcasting Camera in our workshop. When taken to site, just plug the camera into an available network and instant YouTube live stream is instantly operational.

Below we are going to look at how IP camera technology and especially live streaming has advanced in a short space of time.

HD ip broadcasting camera4K IP CAMERA LIVE STREAMING

Network camera technology now goes up to 7K and beyond. A 7K network IP camera can stream video with 30 million pixels per frame. However, for live streaming the maximum we can run to at the moment is 4K Ultra HD. You can live stream our 4K Ultra HD camera to youtube in 4K resolution.

It is more common to stream video in say 1080p full hd. You have to consider the network and its limitations. This is the available on site networking infrastructure you are connecting your HD Live stream ip camera to. See the working below:

  • Full HD 1080p with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 – Requires an internet speed of 3-6 mbs.
  • 4k Ultra HD with a resolution of 3840 x 2160  – Requires an internet speed of 12-14 mbs.

Using a 1080p stream will ensure a smoother viewing experience. If you consider where you will be watching the video, a lot of the time it will be on our mobile and PC or laptop. Therefore a full HD system is perfectly adequate. If you have a fast internet connection and want to broadcast the IP camera on say a 4K TV, then look to take one of our 4K IP broadcasting systems.


ip broadcast cameraAs we first mentioned on this post, network IP cameras have advanced in many areas over the years. 1080P full HD was seen as a breakthrough and very powerful resolution. Years ago such resolutions had limitations for streaming video. A 1080p IP camera would live stream video and broadcast at around 8 Frames Per Second (FPS). Now we can provide HD IP cameras that broadcast live video at up 120 Frames Per Second. Such a high frame rate is a great choice for streaming sports events. Typically for a business promotion or construction monitoring then 25 FPS is perfectly acceptable.

The options for FPS are as follows:

  • HD live stream @ 25fps
  • HD live stream @ 60fps
  • HD live stream @ 120fps

With these FPS rates and the multi megapixel technology is why these cameras make an ideal Live Streaming System. For monitoring and watching sports events then a camera with a 120 Frames Per Seconds would offer a really smooth stream.

HD IP Broadcasting Camera System

The entire solution is pre-configured and pre built. This ensures your time on site is reduced, no specialist camera installer is required. All the technical programming has already been completed by Burgess Technologies. No PC or operating system (OS) is required on site. There is also no running software. Simply plug the IP Broadcasting camera into an available network point and the installation is now complete.

  • NO PC or Operating Systems required
  • NO Running Software
  • NO encoders

ip camera to live stream on youtubeYouTube Ready: The camera is already set up to stream live video to YouTube’s Free streaming service. On YouTube you can stream video up to 4K in resolution. Alternatively you can also stream video to Facebook, Daily Motion and many more. If you are looking to stream a construction site build then you can also set schedules. For example you would not want or need the IP broadcasting camera streaming video to YouTube at night time when there is no construction build.

The system also features a watchdog service. If the camera is detected to not be sending a stream then an email will be sent.

Image JPEG archiving

Many live streaming projects will just be that, in that you want and need a camera to IP broadcast video to a streaming service like YouTube. There may also be occasions and applications that require a remote image archive. This is useful for time-lapse and image marketing.

We can set the same camera to send images to a remote cloud host. Here you can log in remotely to view and bulk transfer images.