3G PTZ IP Camera

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3G, Indoor HD PTZ IP Camera on a Fixed 3G PAYG SIM

The Pre-Built and Configured, 3G HD PTZ IP Camera is becoming one of our best sellers. This is available in both indoor and outdoor options. It’s a perfect choice for Trade customers and Installers. Especially those who don’t have the time to search through user manuals and complete multiple settings . An ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of setting up multiple hardware parts, associated with a 3G PTZ IP Camera System.

We work with you as your Programming Partner. This can save you money from having to find specialist 3G IP Camera installers. We provide and configure the following parts.

  • Indoor or Outdoor 1080P, Full HD PTZ IP Video Camera
  • High Speed 4G LTE Router (backwards/compat to 3G)
  • Static SIM Cards which give your 3G PTZ Camera the Fixed IP address it needs

There are many fiddly configuration settings to complete, if you have never done this before, this could take you days. To save on that time, a lot of trade customers would hire a specialist installer. This could cost you up to £500 per day.

In this post we are going to look at the individual system parts that make up the 3G HD PTZ IP Camera System. We will go over the technology we configure for you and explain how this can save you time and money. Each and every IP Video Systems we build is centred around 3G and 4G Cellular networking. Burgess Technologies Specializes in IP Video systems for End User & Construction sites that have no internet connection available.

Blog image HD 1080P PTZ IP Camera

^ All Pre-Built, Pre-Set Up and Ready for instant and remote operation.

The 3G PTZ IP Video Camera

There are two options we can provide, this is dependant on where you plan to locate the device. We supply an Indoor PTZ IP Camera and an Outdoor PTZ IP Camera. Both IP video camera systems are built with a 3G and 4G Cellular Machine to Machine Router. The network camera boasts a high resolution of 1920 x 1080. It also features a remote operated endless 360 degree pan, 90 degree tilt, and 20 x Optical Zoom.

  • HD 3G PTZ IP Camera Configuration

One of the most time consuming elements of setting up an ethernet based system with remote view, is port forwarding. In a snapshot, this involves changing the HD PTZ IP Cameras IP address from a DHCP assigned one, to a static one. Subnet, Default Gateway configuration, Internal Port Number change and nominate an external port number.

The latter is the most important, the network cameras now static IP address and internal port number are set as a rule within the router’s firewall settings. The rule is as follows, when anyone attempts to the Access the SIM Cards Public IP Address, combined with an external port number. The Routers Firewalls grants permission to the IP PTZ Cameras internal port number.

If this sounds a little complicated, well it is, but do not worry it’s all taken care of. When you receive the camera and networking hardware, everything has been configured. This removes all the hassle associated with searching through user manuals and quick start guides. Just power up the hardware and the camera is immediately available for remote viewing and remote PTZ control.

PTZ network camera

^ Setting the 4G/3G Router up with a PAYG Fixed SIM Card

High Speed 4G LTE M2M Router

We don’t want to confuse things in this post, as we are referring to a 3G and 4G network. For this specific customer and application they used the 3G network. However, the Router we provide and configure is a 4G LTE Router. This is backwards compatible to 3G. So, for this setup, the customer was happy with a 3G Fixed SIM deal, but we provide the 4G router with future proofing in mind.

When using the cellular network we have several options. They are as follows:

HSPA is High Speed Packet Access and LTE is Long Term Evolution

The 4G router we build with the system will work with all options of connectivity, but is steered by the SIM card that is activated within.

  • Router & 3G PTZ IP Camera Configuration

We provide the fixed SIM card, you decide which deal is best for you and we take delivery of the SIM. For a network based IP camera, a SIM card you have in your mobile, will NOT work. You need a Machine to Machine (M2M) Fixed SIM card. This will give the Ethernet based IP camera the static IP address it requires. You will also get a public IP address which is used for remote viewing.

Cable Cat5e

^ You can opt to place the Cellular Router in an on-sie cabin. Then run a cat5e cable to the camera

On-Site Set Up & Installation

In the way of IT and network based configuration there is nothing left to do. We configure everything, so you don’t have to. There are various mounts available for the 3G PTZ IP Camera. These include wall arm and corner brackets. Position your camera in the location you desire, then run a data cable back to the router.

Burgess Technologies supplies Pre-Built external cable. This is effectively a long Cat5e Patch lead, with RJ45 Plugs terminated at each end. Usually you would place the Cellular M2M Router in a cabin on site, or somewhere similar. Then run the cable out to the camera. This now completes the hardware installation.

Recording & Remote View

There are several options for recording and storing footage. This is all dependant on how you want us to set your System up. One of the most popular methods is to store video footage to an internal memory device on the 3G PTZ HD IP Camera. We can fit the camera with a Micro SD Card. The maximum you can use, is a 128GB. However, recording constant full HD footage will rapidly fill this up. We can Pre-Programme motion zones, which means the camera will only record and store video footage, if and when movement in a designated area is detected. Other options include recording to the Cloud or even a NVR on site.

As part of our included Pre-Build service, you will be emailed a Excel sheet with all your log in details and URL’s for remote access.

LETS RECAP: We build High Resolution IP Video Camera Systems. Our technology is designed for End User sites, where no fixed landline or broadband is available. This post is relating to HD PTZ IP Cameras. There are two within this range, covering internal and external options. We offer a full turnkey system with end to end configurations.