Add any Canon DSLR Camera & Power – We take care of everything else !

OUR KIT: External housing, heater, power distribution, mini PC, 4G/5G connectivity, local storage, mounts, brackets, cloud storage & web-portal service.

Throughout the 6 years we have been running, IP cameras have proven more popular and reliable than DSLR. Some years back when the max resolution of a network camera was 1080p @ 8FPS, there was a good case to argue that a network (IP) camera was inferior to others. Today, it’s difficult to sustain that same argument. IP cameras can now capture up to 32 Mega-Pixels (7K) & you can stream full HD video in 120FPS.

IP cameras don’t need a separate housing unit & heater to keep the field of view clear. IP cameras are self-contained, misting of the lens is never an issue as the heat the camera generates always keeps it clear. IP cameras are designed to be outdoors for years, whereas a DSLR isn’t. Overall, an IP system is easier to maintain.

DSLR is still a great option, more for specific projects and ones that need ultra-high resolution up to 50 Mega-Pixels – Contact us to discuss your project here.

Our Mini PC is pre-loaded with a Windows 10 operating system. It runs our intelligent time-lapse software. Features include:

  • Image Capture
  • Local Image Archive
  • Image Send to Cloud
  • Remote Management of Images
  • Auto Time Lapse Film Creation
  • Auto Upload Videos to Cloud
  • Web-portal – Your Brand