The BOX – 4G Enabled & Optional 1TB HDD

The 4G BOX is the brains of our system. All hardware is DIN Rail mounted and more importantly its configured. This saves a vast amount of time on site and removes the need to outsource parts of the installation. No specialist camera installer, I.T technician or electrician is required. Its IP65 & External ready.

Finding local power on-site will always ensure a faster installation. However, a 12V DC input BOX can be made for Solar & Battery applications.


  • 4G Hardware.
  • Networking Hardware.
  • DIN Rail, Cable Glands, All Pre-built
  • 2 x Plug Sockets Trail out of 1 x 25mm Cable Glands


  • 4G Hardware.
  • Networking Hardware.
  • DIN Rail, Cable Glands, All Pre-built
  • Room for 1TB Hard Disk Drive & NAS.
  • Room for running power into the Box.
  • Room for a small Power Distribution Unit.

Your images will always be sent to the cloud through the pre-configured 4G architecture. The 1TB Local HDD is for a local and physical back up of your construction site images. You can store up to 1 million images.


The 1TB Local HDD is failover support if the camera is ever disconnected from the local cellular mast. Its safety and security you have an additional location backup of your Time Lapse Images. If your looking to save as much money as possible and your camera is in a city centre dense location then its not always necessary. We have found if a cellular mast fails in a populated area, the network ( EE, Vodafone etc ) seem to fix the problem quick. Remote locations with less error reports seem to be less priority. You may be working in a location where space is tight and you need the smaller none 1TB HDD BOX.


The 1TB HDD upgrade may only cost £5-£8 extra per month, based on a 2 and 3 year project. End users would usually opt for the extra level of backup for what is a small investment.

As with all our hardware the NAS and 1TB Hard Disk Drive is pre built and configured. As soon as the 4G enclosure has power, the camera will start to archive images to the local 1TB Storage. We can even check on the NAS remotely to ensure images are filling up.

NO REQUIRMENT TO GO TO THE CAMERA. At any time simply connect a provided USB cable to the NAS and the other end to your Personal Computer or MAC and transfer the images

<< Larger 4G BOX on the left is the NAS 1TB BOX and the smaller one is without. 


Our 4G BOX is installed at Point A, near or next to a power supply (Mains or 12V Battery). The camera location is Point B, this can be 100’s of feet away from the plug socket. Point A and B are connected together on a supplied outdoor data cable. The BOX outputs data and power over the Ethernet cable to the camera. You can run 100MTRS (330 Feet) as standard. The 4G BOX features 20mm cable glands and your outdoor cable is already cellular connected and ready to plug into your camera. AS STANDARD, the system ships with a 50 foot outdoor data cable, we can make this longer upon request.

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