Vari-Focal & Wide Angle Lenses

Vari-Focal & Wide Angle Lenses

The two main 4G LTE Time Lapse camera systems we sell are our 5MP system and our 4K UHD System. Both have the ability to remotely change the focal settings of the lens.

  • 5MP camera system: 29° to 88° wide angle
  • 4K UHD camera system: 35° to 109° wide angle

A lot of cropping is carried out post production. However, there are still times when having the ability to crop the image in its live status is advantageous. Take these two examples below.

The Indoor Camera was capturing a ledge to the left of the Camera and the Outdoor System was capturing a builders storage unit, which had some rather interesting graffiti on it.

Image Crop without Loosing Resolution

If you are using software to crop the image, you will also be cropping the actual image size. Again, this is not really an issue, these high megapixel cameras and the images they capture allow for cropping and editing. However, if you want the flexibility to do this pre-capture, then we have systems that can do this.

“A lot of the time our 8MP camera system is purchased because our partner has the budget for this higher end system, so the included optical zoom is a bonus. This is more probable than a partner buying the system just for the Optical Zoom, In other words: The remote zoom is a great feature but high resolution is usually why people opt for that camera.” 

Systems that include a remote operated lens:

^ Before the remote optical zoom, showing a ledge

The Image above shows the ledge to the left and after the remote operated Optical Zoom, it shows the ledge removed. Alteration of a Varifocal Lens or Optical Zoom Lens does not change the resolution. From the 8MP Camera.

Image after the Remote Optical Zoom, which removed the ledge on the left

zoom time lapse camera

The image above shows the builders container and a tree to the left, below these have been cropped out using the cameras Remote Operated Varifocal Lens, this is the 5MP Camera System.

cropped 4g time lapse

The below

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