5G Remote Monitored time lapse & live video, benefits over 4G

It didn’t seem that long ago that 4G was buzz word of cellular technology, enhancing time lapse cameras with the ability to be monitored remotely and making camera live video streaming less laggy.

5G is starting to roll out in 2019 and we are going to look into what benefits this will bring to time lapse camera installers. In particular we will cover image capture, live video streaming and the ability to log into the hardware remotely. All will be done over a ultra high speed 5G network.

If you happened to stumble upon this post and would like to look at current 4G LTE cellular time lapse camera system, then click that linked text to the left. This will take you to our 20MP Sony system.


live video and time lapse over 5G

5G Time Lapse Camera & Live Video: The benefits

Perfect image capture

As the resolution of time lapse cameras increase, so does the image size. Our network time lapse camera systems capture images in JPEG format. Today our highest mega-pixel solution is 20MP’s. This captures images in 5,472 x 3,648 resolution. In some instances and depending on cellular signal strength, images can transfer not 100% complete, when sending to the cloud. A 20 Mega-pixel will struggle to send complete images over 3G and needs a good stable 4G signal to be 100% perfect. With the upgrade to 5G, images will be sent pefectly.

5G will make large file size image transfer perfect. So this is the first and main benefit. The increased speeds of a 5G Time lapse camera system, will help images to be sent perfectly. 5G will offer speeds of around 1 gig per second which is 1000 MBS ( megabits per second ).

Live Video Streaming over 5G

First let’s look at 3 main advantages over a more traditional DSLR camera system:

1, Live Video Stream: The main advantage of deploying a network based time lapse camera system is the ability to monitor through a live video stream. This is something a DSLR camera could not do. Live video then falls into several feature areas. You can live view the time lapse camera through an app on your phone, direct through the camera, Video Management Software, emdedded to our own portal or on YouTube Live.

The below video example, shows live video embedded to our own built, white label, your brand and logo monitoring portal.

2, Live Video Recordings: Take our Sony 20MP Time Lapse camera for example, you can record video clips to use in your post production. This will allow you to make a final film that includes stitched images and also cutting into a live video shoot. This could be useful for certain days of importance at the construction site.

The below video shows a recording on-board the Sony Camera. This video is shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution at 25 Frames Per Second

Use an existing network:

Only a network based time lapse camera has the ability to utilise an existing networking infrastructure. Many construction sites now have their own network. Also not all time lapse camera installs are at brand new sites. Many are at end client premises where a network and IT infrastructure is already in place. So maybe the first question is, do you need a 5G deployment or can you use an existing Cat5e, Cat6 or cat6a structured cabling network.

4G SIM prices will reduce

An Ultra HD Time Lapse camera system over a 5G architecture will be the best solution available. However, if you don’t need live video as a feature, then using a 4G SIM card will still be an option. You can get 3G SIM card deals now at a really good price. Now 5G SIM contracts are becoming popular, the older 4G data plans will become lower in price.

Where can you view Live Video ?

Here at Burgess Technologies we build our own time lapse and hd live video monitoring portal. This is a web-browser based platform that can be viewed from anywhere that has an internet connection and web-browser. Main features of the time lapse portal include:

  • Landing page is last 4 image capture in large view & click to open in full
  • The last 24 hours of construction site images captured in thumbnail gallery
  • A full image list in date order, click to open large
  • A callender search facility
  • Live video page, live HD feed from the camera embedded

The 5g time lapse camera portal is built after the installation of your system. Its 100% white label. The domain name ( URL ) is a neutral domain that can’t be traced. You hand over the login credentials to your customer and they can remotely monitor the project. We put your logo and brand on the portal so your end client links the entire camera system solution to you and your business.

5G Time Lapse & Live Video, the best camera ?

We pre build several variations of time lapse camera systems that can run over 5G. The most powerful construction site solution is our Sony 20MP camera system, this can be used for image capture and live video. The sony camera sends time lapse images to our portal in a massive 5,472 x 3,648 resolution.

20 megapixel is prefered if you would like to do more with the images in post production. You can zoom in and not lose quality on the 20MP system. There is a sample image here.

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