One key advantage of our network time lapse, recording and streaming camera systems is the ability to utilize your existing infrastructure. There are plus and minus points but if you do have a network on site, then a none 4G system is worth considering.

  • Reduce up front costs on hardware
  • No montly SIM costs to pay
  • Utilize our portal live feed feature

  • No external access configured for remote support
  • Will need someone to complete final config steps
  • Not 100% pre configured as a stand alone system

When our time-lapse camera system is pre-configured to an 02 4G fixed IP architecture its fully working and ready to go solution. It is also remote support access ready. For those wanting to use an available on-site network there may be a little more work to do. Burgess Technologies would also have no remote access into the camera to help fine tune the image and complete any support requests.

4G or Your LAN is usually dependant on the End Client and willingness of their IT department. Example: If it was a construction site with a small network then plugging a 3rd party network device into the router may not be a big deal. However, if it was a end client such as a school or university, the IT department would prefer a stand alone 4G system


Prior to sending the system out we configure the camera to send images to your included cloud space & portal ( as seen on the right ). We will leave the camera in DHCP mode ( where it auto assigns an IP address ). As soon as the camera is plugged into your router or switch and has internet connectivity, it should start to capture and archive images. For us to ever be able to log into the camera and help with any support requests you would need to set  up a Port Forwarding rule. This would involve changing settings in your routers firewall.

POWER: Your LAN ready system will include a POE injector, (required if your switch is not POE or you have a standard router). This is housed in a small enclosure as you can see to the right. We also include a 50 foot outdoor data cable. Longer lengths can be provided, up to 330 Feet. The included data cable connects and powers the camera.

WARNING: Please dont automatically assume that becuase the End Client has a network it will be available to use. IT departments usually prefer to keep such systems seperate, more of our camera systems go out 4G broadband configured than Your LAN enabled. However, if the IT department or owner of the business are happy, a LAN solution will save you some money.