Whats in the Box

Image of the HD Camera on the 3G router

This page is to guide you through what’s in the box for your Off Grid Cellular Time Lapse Camera System.

First of all, its no secret that we are not a Solar Hardware Manufacturer. However, we do work very closely with a UK based one and we opt to ship your Off-Grid Kit direct.

Here is a wiring digram on how you wire the Solar Hardware: See this link

The Solar wiring image shows the Router next to the camera, this is just to show you the connection/cabling. Typically, the Router is housed in an enclosure, which is usually at the foot of the pole.



Camera Pole Mount Adaptor. This includes 3 large Jubilee Clips. We also put extra smaller clips in your box, which are 50-70mm. Typically this goes at the top of your Pole.


Camera Junction Box. This is optional to use and depends where your camera is mounted. This helps to keep your cables organised.


Cable Connectors. Visible from the end of the camera. The RJ45 Data Port is for the cameras connection to the Cellular Router. The 12V Terminal Adaptor is to the power the camera. Dont forget to check the wiring diagram linked above.



Short Patch Lead. Used to connect your Laptop to the Cellular Router. Put this to one side, accessing the router is only really required if something is not working. All programming has already been set up and configured.


Outdoor Long Patch Lead. Connects the Camera to the Cellular Router. Connect into “LAN 1” Port. Typically your router would be at the foot of the pole and this would run out and up to the camera. This is 10 Meters long (33 feet).


Routers Power Supply Unit. You can use this if you want to power the Router in a test environment, maybe before you go to site. When you are ready to connect the Router to the Battery, you can cut the plug off, strip the end and connect to the Solar Controller.


As covered above: Run the Outdoor (black) Patch Lead into LAN Port 1 and then out to the camera. The Cable you have just made (from the original plug socket) plug the green terminal block end, into the router and the other end into the Solar Controller Unit. See Image below

^ Inside your Static SIM card is already inserted and configured.

^ Inside your Static SIM card is already inserted and configured.

In the Router Box: You wont really need the instructions, everything has already been done. You probably wont need the DIN Rail Mount Kit (silver plate). This is dependant on what enclosure you are using. You wont need most of the Antennas. Look for the ones that say LTE. You should also have a larger high gain external antenna. Connect the Small LTE Antenna to “LTE AUX” and connect the larger Antenna to “LTE MAIN”.


Remember, the small antennas are meant for indoor/in-enclosure use. Typically, the small one would sit near the Router. The external one runs up the Pole with its 5 Meter lead.


You will know when the Router has power, it has indication lights. The Camera features IR LED Lights, when the camera has power, these will light up for around 5 seconds. They are on either side of the lens.


You can call us at any stage to confirm we have the image coming through. Once positioned and powered your Camera will automatically start capturing and transmitting images to your Cloud or Portal.

Next, we will make final checks that everything is working as it should. We will then pass over your log in details and guide you through the access of your images.