Varifocal & Zoom Lens Options

LENS Information

Auto Iris
The majority of Cameras deployed at construction sites feature an Auto Iris Lens. A motor-driven, automatically adjustable iris opening that responds to changes in light levels.

In bright situations, a camera with an auto iris lens can be affected by diffraction and blurring when an iris opening becomes too small. This problem is especially prominent in megapixel and HDTV cameras since the pixels in the image sensors are smaller than standard resolution cameras.


Our Advanced 8MP Time Lapse Camera, feature the P-Iris Lens

P-Iris is an automatic, precise iris control. It involves a ground breaking P-Iris lens and specialized software that optimizes image quality. The system is designed to address the shortcomings of an auto-iris lens. P-Iris provides improvements in contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field.

In bright situations, P-Iris limits the closing of the iris to avoid blurring (diffraction) caused when the iris opening becomes too small. This can typically happen in cameras that use DC-iris lenses in combination with megapixel sensors that have small pixels. Being able to avoid diffraction and at the same time benefit from an automatically controlled iris is highly valued in outdoor video surveillance applications.

A P-Iris lens uses a motor that allows the position of the iris opening to be precisely controlled. Together with software that is configured to optimize the performance of the lens and image sensor, P-Iris automatically provides the best iris position for optimal image quality in all lighting conditions..

P-Iris allows fixed network cameras to reach a new level of performance in image quality. The advanced iris control will be especially beneficial for megapixel/HDTV cameras and demanding video surveillance applications. P-Iris is expected to replace DC iris as the standard iris control for fixed network cameras.

Varifocal & Optical Zoom

The P-Iris Lens camera, also features a 3 x Optical Zoom Lens. This is used for applications where a little flexibility is needed on Field of View image crop. Below is an example from the 8MP Camera. A before and after shot. Before was on installation and as the camera was, after was when we used the Optical Zoom.

Before the Remote Zoom

Just slightly catching a concrete ledge and wall to the right


After the Remote Zoom

No side obstructions in the view