TIME LAPSE PLATFORM – A Camera System Add on

Each Cellular Construction Site Camera System we build, is pre-installed to a Remote Cloud Host. For clients wanting a more interactive viewing experience, we can upgrade you to either the Time Lapse Platform (TLP) or the Interactive Viewing Platform. This page covers the Time Lapse Portal.

The main difference between the two versions, is that this TLP automatically creates a full image sequence time lapse movie(s) that can be downloaded from the Platform as an mp4 file. The add one price can be paid up front or spread out on top of your monthly SIM contract.

This version allows you to download time lapse sequences in full, this is shown in the video below. PLEASE NOTE: The below example is only the the last 24 hours, this is also a 3 year project, so the image capture rate is around 10 mins. A video of the last 24 hours will not be long. This is just to show you an example, the Last 30 day video is typically around 80 seconds long.

The 2 x On-Page Videos can be produced and featured to the sequence of your choice, you could have last 7 days on the left and last 60 days to the right. Or last 14 days to the left and the last 30 days to the right.

You also have the option to include an on-image footer info faded bar. You can see this on the image below, we can also add up to 3 x watermarks, typically this would be a logo at the top right/left of the image.

  • Last Image Captured Auto Refreshed
  • Image Footer Text Faded Bar
  • Optional Watermark – Typically a Logo Top Left/Right
  • White Label Platform – Your Logo and Branding
  • Auto Created Time Lapse Films – 2 x Bespoke Options
  • Last 24 Hours and Last 30 days for EXAMPLE.. To the last X amount of days you want
  • MP4 One Click Video Download Options
^ This camera was left in its default image settings