Time Lapse Portal – LITE


Remote Cloud Host – 50,000 – 100,000 IMAGES

All our systems are Self Install Ready, as soon the Cellular Comms box has power, the camera will start to capture and transmit images to your remote Cloud Host. The Cloud is like your archive library, from here you download and store images on your PC, Laptop or MAC.


Included with each system is a web-browser based URL command. Save this in your web-browser, then each time you want to command the camera to take an instant snapshot, just hit your refresh button.


Time Lapse Portal

Although the 2 included image view methods (Cloud & Image Grab) above are satisfactory for most, there are certain applications that would benefit from a more interactive viewing portal. Maybe you have multiple Project Managers or 3rd Party’s that would like to monitor progression.

On-site Storage 

The below image shows the system with a 1TB Hard Disk Drive, this can store up to 1 million images locally. With the forever increasing coverage of 3G and 4G, on-site storage is not often needed. This is a good option if you happen to be at a site where the Mobile Internet Signal is not very good.

Solar Hardware 

We always encourage our partners to try and find power, less hardware = less complications. Remember, with our system, its only the Cellular Comms Box that needs a direct power source. The camera can then be 100’s of feet away. The camera is connected and powered from the Box. it connects on a single Cat5e Ethernet Cable. Below is an example of a recent solar project in South America. 


The Remote Cloud Host is included with all our Cellular Construction Site Systems. The remote Internet Image Grabber is also included as standard and for most applications, these two remote archive and view methods are ideal. Our approach has never changed, keep things simple ! Having the knowledge of the available upgrades is useful, especially if your End Clients asks about a more interactive Portal (Our Time Lapse Portal) or On-site Fail-over (1TB HDD).


Everything we do is aimed at helping trade customers. We have spent years gradually perfecting our Cellular Construction Site Camera Systems. We take care of the set up and and configuration, You, simply power the Cellular Enclosure and Position the camera.