Router & Mobile SIM Operation Checker

Checking the Router is Operational and receiving a Signal and Data. 

* The Router will come with instructions, it is not mandatory to use them as the config has already been done.

The easiest way is to connect to the Router and attempt a google search.

  1. Disconnect your Laptop or PC from your current SKY or BT Internet connection
  2. Connect to the Router by plugging an Ethernet Cable (Patch Lead) from your Laptop/PC to the Router
  3. Confirm the connection is complete by checking your laptops Network Settings
  4. Open a web-page, like Google Search and attempt to access the internet

You can also log into the Router and check the system status overview

* Remember, logging into your Router uses SIM data

The below images show you how to check your Router is Receiving Data from the Network Provider

1. Log Into your Router with the URL info that can be obtained from your Sales Contact
2. In the Top Menu, click Status and then Overview


The Mobile Information is the most important section to check

*Your Router should be showing the same type of information as highlighted in the Green ox below. The “State” will be different depending on your Mobile Carrier.

“Bytes Received/Sent” is a good indicator, if there is badwidth information in this field, you are connected to the Internet. Same with “Data Connection”. “State” should be confirming its registered to your Mobile Network (o2, Vodafone or EE etc).