There are many advanced and powerful features to the Burgess Tec system portfolio. The biggest one is probably the remote monitoring and management of hardware & images.

For Remote Time Lapse, your options are 1,2 or 3:

OPTION 1: CLOUD FOLDER DIRECTORY. Using our pre-configured 4G Cellular network, the camera will start to send images to a remote dedicated server as soon as it is powered up. You access the server remotely with an FTP client like Filezilla. This will allow you to view and mass transfer images from anywhere.

OPTION 2: THE ABOVE FTP ACCESS & A REMOTE IMAGE LIST. This option is really handy if you do not need a feature rich web-portal but still want to give the End Client something to view. In this approach you would keep the FTP access for post production. You would then provide the Remote Image List to your customer for image and site monitoring. The image list is hosted on a neutral web-page with no trace to us. Example:

OPTION 3: CLOUD FOLDER DIRECTORY, REMOTE IMAGE LIST & WEB-PORTAL. Option 3 is the remote time-lapse web-portal, it also by default includes options 1 & 2. Most people do opt for the portal as its a great way to showcase the project & your own brand. Neutral domain, no trace to us and your logo and details.