Optical Zoom, Focus Assist & Shutter Speed

The Burgess Technologies 4G Construction Site Camera system can be managed remotely. This example is based upon a recent project with a demolition company we had the pleasure to work with. Like many new partners, this was the first time they had installed networking and cellular technology.

Our pre-build and workshop configuration service removes on-site hassle. No technical set up is required making installation fast and easy. 

On installation day our contact within the enterprise plugged in our 4G 1TB Comms Box and fixed the camera to a pole. He used the supplied outdoor cable, pole mounts and fixings.

The initial image was good but the main building was a little too far away. Furthermore the camera was capturing part of a metal perimeter fence. On install day you have the ability to make any changes but sometimes people ask us. Burgess logged in remotely from our office, we carried out some minor alterations which improved the finished result. We changed the Zoom, Focus and Shutter Speed.


PLEASE NOTE: The images on this page are not in their original 4K UHD Resolution. 

The first image was when the customer had the camera installed and pointing at the site. The 2nd image is after a few manual turns on site and remotely we changed the zoom and focus.