IP Loud Speaker Kit to Buddy IP Video Cameras – Cloud VoIP Configured

IP Loud Speaker Kit to Buddy IP Video Cameras – Cloud VoIP Configured


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Product Description

Asterisk Cloud SIP-Server Ready

The 40 Watt Loud Speaker System is pre-installed to a IP-PBX (SIP-Server). Its delivered with its own unique phone number which is used for remote security audio messages. Make live announcements, trigger up to x 9 stored audio files, connect additional security hardware devices to the AMP’s integrated relay board.

Audio to accompany IP video camera installations is often overlooked, yet live audio call out messages are extremely effective in regards to safe guarding your site. Burgess Technologies pre-builds an outdoor ready 40 Watt VoIP Loud Speaker System. No telephone line is required on site, our audio warning system needs the internet to operate. This specific system requires a network on site to plug into. Available as an upgrade is our 4G 40W Loud Speaker System. 

The buy price includes our configuration and pre-build service. How much would you pay for a comms installer or electrician to visit your site  ? The AMP is secured within an IP67 Outdoor Pole Mountable Box, the 40W Bull Horn Speakers are connected and wired through pre-installed cable glands. More importantly the AMP is configured to a hosted SIP server (IP-PBX). Its is fully set up and delivered with its own SIP Line and Telephone Number.

Typical Application

Power the Audio Comms Box, position and secure the Outdoor 40 Watt Loud Speakers. Log into the AMP’s GUI through your provided IP address and click “Audio Test” and the installation is now complete. Typically our audio call out system would be close to your IP video camera. Save your provided VoIP Phone number in your mobile or pass it to your 3rd party monitoring station. If and when your IP camera sends a motion or intruder alert, remotely view your camera and call the site to make a live warning.

“Attention please, this is a security announcement. You’re being monitored on live CCTV ”

One Network Port Powers All

This particular IP camera audio system is designed for applications that have a network on-site. The AMP has an RJ45 port and takes in POE Power. The audio call out AMP can power a maximum of 2 x 40 Watt Bull Horn Loud Speakers. Each speaker can cover around 5000 square feet. If you are powering one loudspeaker then a standard POE input is fine, if you are powering x 2 speakers, then you need to daisy chain a high powered poe injector ( around £30 ). There is also an option to connect a Strobe Light. In simple terms one data cable running into our Audio Comms Box will power the entire system including an optional strobe light. OTHER OPTIONS WE CAN BUILD:

  • 1 x 40W Bull Horn Loud Speaker or x 2
  • With or without a Strobe Light
  • A standalone 4G system
  • With an IP Video Camera
  • IP Video Camera with Motion Alerts
  • IP Video Camera back to a monitoring station for live announcements
  • With Timelapse Camera & IP Video camera

Plug & Announce

No electrician or comms installer is required on-site. Just power up the Audio Comms Box and plug it into a network port with POE. You can now call the AMP from anywhere in the world. If you was not using a 3rd party monitoring station and received an alert from your IP camera, just log in and view from your cameras Video Management Software. Next call the audio call out system from your mobile/landline and talk to the site.

Upgrades that will need electrical wiring


The AMP’s relay board has a “sense input” here you could wire in a door/window reed sensor and a specific audio file would play. You could also wire in an Outdoor Emergency/Panic Button, the Panic button would be pressed and a Mass Lockdown audio message would play and with both options a call could be placed to a pre set number or hunt group. When the sensor is triggered the following can happen:

  • Flash the LED until the sensor is deactivated (roughly 10 times/second)
  • Activate the relay until the sensor is deactivated
  • Loop an audio file out of the speaker until the sensor is deactivated
  • Call an extension and establish two way audio
  • Call an extension and play a pre-recorded audio file

This specific IP audio warning system is designed for sites with no IP-PBX to utilize or maybe the end client would prefer to keep this system independent to their own VoIP System. This solution is pre configured to a Cloud IP PBX and there is a monthly charge for the SIP line rental. Contact to discuss set up, options and monthly costs.

GUI Example

Remotely you can test the audio, trigger audio files, change the volume and much more. Remember all the configuration is already completed so there is no compulsory reason why you have to access the GUI. The VoIP Loud Speaker System is delivered with its set up incoming phone number, this is a ready to go solution you can quickly install and buddy up with your IP video camera system.


• SIP-enhanced interoperability for hosted environments
• 9 user-uploadable page messages
• Support for security code access for SIP paging
• Autoprovisioning via HTTPS
• HTTPS web based configuration
• Higher Power PoE 802.3AT
• 802.11q VLAN tagging
• Configurable sense input for use with fault detection or lighted button kit
• Configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring
• Optional direct connect RGB strobe kit connection
• Support for G.711 u-law, G.711 a-law, and G.722 codecs
• HTTP Command Interface
• 10 channel prioritized Multicast ports
• Built-in diagnostics
• Delayed page support
• Cisco SRST
• SIP and Simultaneous Multicast
• Dual-speed ethernet 10/100 Mbps
• Web-based configuration
• PoE 802.3at and 802.3af-enabled
• Line-in for background music
• Line-out connector
• DTMF controlled relay
• Direct 8 Ohm speaker drive
• User-uploadable tones and messages
• Digital and manual volume control
• Second SIP endpoint "Night Ringer"
• Autoprovisioning
• Auto-call voice message from input port sense
• Can support two horns