4G Cloud Box – Pre-configured IP Camera, 4G Router & Cloud Motion Detection enabled


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Product Description

The 4G Cloud Box is our pre-configured cellular IP surveillance system. The brains is the box and its programmed technology, this reduces the need to outsource on site. Burgess Technologies builds for trade partners. We remove on-site hassle, save time and we also welcome End user enquiries. You can add any IP video camera to the 4G Cloud Box which is dependant on your application.

THIS SYSTEM: Is designed for anyone who wants to deploy a network surveillance system at a site that doesn’t offer a network connection. This could be a remote location or even an enterprise with a networking infrastructure but wants to keep surveillance over IP separate. This is our 4G Cloud Box – An intelligent HD camera system that is pre-configured to our 4G hardware. No config is required on-site, just power our 4G box and point the camera. This system is based on motion recording to the cloud and being 4G based its not designed for continuous off site recording.


  • Variations of the HD camera – Form and Resolution
  • Variations of VoIP Audio Call Out System
  • Variations of Primary Recording Architecture – Cloud or Local Hardware
  • Variations of 4G Connectivity


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  1. A spare plug socket
  2. Surface to mount the camera to

That's it, all included networking and cellular hardware is pre-configured. Find a power point to plug the 4G Cloud Box into and position the camera.