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Longer lengths of data cable, POE cable extenders, Mini Pc with extra time lapse features, Local faoliver, Roof mounts & fixings, Battery run video surveillance systems. FULL DETAILS BELOW.

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Product Description

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    Each camera system we build & configure includes 20 mtrs of outdoor cat5e data cable. This connects to our 4G BOX and sends data & power to the connected camera. The cable is built with connector ends fiited at each end, we can provide pre-made lengths up to 100 mtrs.

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    The maximum length you can run to the camera from the 4g box is 100 mtrs. With LAN & POE ( Power Over Ethernet ) extenders you can run even further. Each extender adds a further 100 mtrs distance to the previous 100. No other power source is required other than the power from the plugged in data cable.

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    The mini PC adds time lapse features to your system. Our programme runs on pre-installed windows 10 pro software. This will instruct the camera to save 250,000 – 500,000 images locally. The mini PC can auto create time lapse films every 2 or 4 weeks & auto upload to your image folder. Further more, you can send images to Onedrive or Dropbox and we can streasm a HD video feed live to YouTube.

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    Each systems comes with pole mounts, strapping & our eave style grey hood cover ( as shown on product pages ) but some sites may need a different type of camera mount. Additional items include non-penetrating roof camera mounts & the burgess technologies site cabin quick clamp.

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    Practically all camera systems we ship are internet ready. Pre configured to an 02 4G LTE architecture through and set up with a fixed, public IP address. We use M2M – Machine to Machine SIM cards and not standard phone sims which give you no remote access. Prices start at £45 per month. You can upgrade to larger data sims for YouTube live streaming & cloud video surveillance.

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    We can set the camera up to a cloud based video security platform. No software is required and you can access the video portal through any remote internet web-browser. Recordings are safe and secure because there is no associated risk like on-site recorders carry. Typically set up to loop record every 2 or 4 weeks. You can time line search and export video with ease.

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    There is the option to go off grid. We build your 4G & networking hardware into a steel battery box. Pre drilled with an external celluar antenna and cable glands. The networking hardware is 12V dc terminal block ready. Next you can add your battery, solar panels and charge controller.

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    Video intruder alarm systems. A battery-powered PIR motion sensor with an integrated network video camera and infrared illuminators. Designed to detect an intrusion, then records a video clip and sends the video alarm to an ARC ( Alarm Receiving Centre) where an iinstant review/verification can initiate a audio challenge over a loud speaker & police dispatch.

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    Audio challenge systems are extremely effective to deter theft and crime. Intruder enters, intruder is instantly captured on video, the intruder is verified as a genuine threat and not a false alarm. Monitoring staff will speak to the site and call the police. Burgess Technologies also helps deploy battery powered 4G intruder sirens.

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    An intruder video verification system monitored by an ARC is as effective as having a security guard on site, its also more cost effective for the end client. An event such as an intruder triggers the alarm, the alarm and recording is sent to the ARC for verification, then trained staff initiate the response.

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