Mini PC, Windows 10 Pro, Advanced Time Lapse & Live Video Software Installed


Our pre configured mini PC adds even more time lapse & live video features. Including Youtube & Facebook live streaming, 500,000 images stored locally, fine-tune image rotation & auto create time-lapse video production.

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Product Description

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    The mini PC is pre installed with Windows 10 pro software. It powers up as soon as the 4G box is switched on. If power fails the pc will auto reboot & our software will auto run. We configure the mini PC to the your 4G broadband. Through a VPN connection we can remotely log into the desktop to make any changes.

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    The primary method for image storage is off-site to your cloud folder. To date there has been no remote site that has failed to transfer images over the included 4G network. However, some applications may still require an image failover feature. The mini PC is set by us to store up to 500,000 images. Retrieving the images does not require access to the camera as the additional storage is located at ground level in the 4G box.

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    Most customers enjoy the freedom of being able to create their own time lapse films. For anyone who wants to spend less time on post production this feature is great ! Our software will stitch images together, produce a film as an MP4 video file and auto upload to your cloud folder directory. We can set schedules to create a film every so many weeks.

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    This feature does exactly what it says on the tin. If the camera ends up a few degrees out & we do see this every now and then on a challenging installation, we can fine tune the image and rotate for you.

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    Streaming to YouTube live does not automatically mean your project becomes public. The stream can be set to private and we then embed the live feed to your password protected web-portal. Streaming to Youtube involves the use of Google’s own servers. Therefore, your live feed will be ultra smooth. No software is required, no laggy video, it’s like having your own construction TV channel.

1, YouTube & Facebook live is on top of all your standard time lapse features ( Image capture, remote access, remote server, web-portals etc ). The price of the Mini PC includes all the above features as an addition to your standard time lapse ones.

2, The SIM price for live streaming is + £20 per month.