4G IP PTZ Construction Site Camera, Outdoor IP Video Surveillance

4G IP PTZ Construction Site Camera, Outdoor IP Video Surveillance



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Product Description


Like all our systems the 4G IP PTZ camera is pre configured so its ready to go on site. Out of the box there are 2 main hardware parts. The PTZ dome camera and our 4G LTE comms box. The comms box is outdoor rated and houses your networking and cellular hardware. There is an option to pole mount this. Its drilled with 20mm cable glands and your plug sockets, outdoor 4G antenna and data cable is fed through. Left to do on site, you just need to power up the comms box and secure the camera. The 4G routers is configured with a Vodafone Machine Machine SIM card which gives us a static IP address.


If this specific system is not to your own requirement then contact us. Burgess Technologies also pre-builds Solar, Timelapse and VoIP Audio Call Out Systems. This 4G LTE outdoor PTZ dome camera system is for construction sites with available power. ONLY our 4G comms box needs direct power, the dome camera can be 100’s of feet away. Its connected to the box on a single outdoor data cable.


The east to deploy PTZ 4G camera system needs a fixed SIM to operate. You could add an SD card to record footage to locally and this wont use data allowance. However, anytime you access the camera remotely you will be using data. We have SIM packages to suit every application. You may want the camera to be monitored back to a 3rd party Alarm Receiving Center and they will only access the IP cameras feed if and when a motion alert is triggered. A 5GIG M2M sim card deal is around £40 per month.

The day your system ships you will be emailed your camera access sheet. Open the excel sheet and your remote access is listed. Click the hyperlink of the cameras remote IP address and you will instantly be connected to a live view. All the technical hassle and time has been spent pre-building the PTZ solution.

Outdoor PTZ dome ip camera 4G


Audio to buddy up with your IP camera installation is overlooked. You may not be aware of the technology or you not understand how it works. We build a VoIP audio call out system that needs no configuration on site. This consists of a VoIP Amplifier that is pre-configured to a hosted VoIP SIP-Server (IP-PBX) and 2 x 40W Bull Horn Loud Speakers. We can configure motion alerts from the camera which you can receive or a 3rd party monitoring station.


  • 2MP 20X Network IR PTZ Dome Camera
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 20X Optical Zoom
  • On-board recording to 128Gig SD Card
  • Optional Cloud Storage Server
  • 4G LTE Network
  • Motion Alerts
  • Optional Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)
ip camera ptz 4g


Included with all our pre-built systems
  • Pre built and programmed
  • No electrician or specialist required on site
  • Flexible Power, camera can be 100’s of feet from a plug socket
  • 4G LTE Fixed IP SIM cards provided
  • Remote access set up and configured
  • Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera
  • Wall Mount adapter
  • Pole Mount adapter
  • High Speed 4G LTE Router
  • Small POE switch
  • IP67 rated Enclosure
  • Cables
  • Outdoor camera connector cable
  • All hardware is DIN rail mounted and fully configured