120-Watt Solar Kit, Complete with Cables & Pole Mount Bracket

120-Watt Solar Kit, Complete with Cables & Pole Mount Bracket


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Product Description

Finding local power to utilize on site will keep your overall system price down. With our system, its only the 3G/4G Comms Box that needs direct power. The camera is connected to the box on a single data cable. That Ethernet cables, connects and powers the camera. The camera can be 100’s of feet away from a power socket.


If your own application requires a Solar Solution, then we have various options available. The first thing we do is swap the power input on your hardware to accommodate 12V DC cabling. We make the hardware 12V DC Terminal Block ready.

As the solar is not a full pre-build solution like the camera, we are limited to the support we can offer. If there was an issue on site, it would be difficult for us to re motley fix that for you. Management and maintenance needs to be covered by you, the installer. We only started selling Solar in the summer of 2016, we have multiple live solar projects that successfully went through winter and into 2017 without any issues.

Although a Solar Add-on will put your system price up, if you work the price out over the duration of your project, its not a great deal of money. Our partners time lapse projects are around 2-3 years on average. You are then only looking at around £200 a year. Also the solar panels have a life expectancy of 25 years.

4g solar camera


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    MCS certified, fully weather proof and professionally made with high quality components. Our high quality Monocrystalline 12v 120w slimline solar panel works in both sunny and overcast conditions.UK Summer conditions generation 84ah per day. Panel Size 550mm(w) x 1450mm(h) x 35mm(d) – Weight 9.5kg – Peak Power: 120w – 5 year Warranty – 25 year life expectancy and MCS Certified,

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    95% of the time our Time Lapse Camera is mounted to a pole, you can use that same pole to mount your Solar Hardware. As solar installation may be new to you, this specific Pole Mount makes mounting the panel hassle free. It’s a simple and straightforward pole mounting solution, for our 120w slimline panels. The Solar Panel Pole Mount has fully adjustable angle settings and can support installations in a wide range of locations. Suitable for use with panels up to 550mm (Panel is 550MM) and pole with a diameter of 50mm – 100mm. If your pole is not in that range, you will need to add your own larger fixing.

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    142AH 12V BATTERY

    When it comes to installation, you would need a sturdy box to mount the battery to a pole. A battery can weigh anything from 25-35KG. Typically the battery would be at the foot of the pole in a secure enclosure. You could/would place your networking and cellular hardware within the same enclosure. Our Cellular Construction Site System has 2 x hardware parts that need direct 12V DC Power. The 3G/4G router, we cut off the plug, strip the cable for you. Then the POE injector, we include a sophisticated 12V Terminal Block Input POE injector. This is directly powered by the Solar/Battery. Then run out to the camera with the included data cable.

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    Intelligent system for optimum Solar System control. This is not the cheapest controller we could include. However, we specific this model because its a Dual battery solar controller. Two battery charging eliminates the extra cost of two separate solar charging systems. Peace of mind if you ever needed to add another battery. Timer control, Day and night detection and timer on settings (2 time parameters). Temperature compensation. Dimensions: 85mm x 55mm x 40mm – Weight: 250g

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    We include all the required cable and connectors that the installation needs. This include: MC4 Type Solar Connectors (Male and Female), Easy, fast “SNAP IN” locking system and the UK industry standard for DC solar connectors. 2.5 Outdoor DC Solar Cable 2 Core (1m). In Line Standard Blade Fuse Holder. Standard Blade Fuses and Battery Terminal Clamps.