1080P HD Live Stream Broadcasting Camera, Indoor PTZ, Quality Audio & HDMI Ouput


ip network live stream camera

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Product Description

Burgess Technologies pre-builds fast/self install live streaming network video systems. This advanced range consists of powerful IP cameras chosen specifically because of their high frame rate technology for smooth video. Other features include: Audio and 1080P Full HD as the minimum spec. Our ip based HD broadcasting camera systems can stream video at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS). This is ideal for any applications that would benefit from a live broadcast or recording solution. Perfect for event marketing, construction, education and business promotion.

Burgess Technologies is proud to be an Axis communications partner. For years we have pre-built and configured network surveillance cameras for construction site time-lapse & broadcast. This featured indoor PTZ network camera has been produced by axis with live stream broadcasting in mind. A first from Axis in regards to surveillance not being the primary application focus. This is great news as all it’s features are designed for high quality live streaming and recording.

As a solutions provider and in-house systems integrator we deliver the camera as a plug and play unit. There is no need to outsource parts of the installation and this will help save you time and money. Our services include:

  • Advice on which high frame rate live stream camera is correct for you.
  • Pre configuration service, we spend days building and testing so you dont have to.
  • Include audio kits.
  • Include PTZ controllers.
  • Set up JPEG image capture & time lapse.
  • Cloud integration.
  • Set up and embed the stream to websites.
  • Set up Youtube live stream.

Burgess Technologies is an in-house systems integrator.  We help deliver pre-configured network video systems for Time-Lapse, Broadcasting & Cloud Surveillance. From our Workshop we spend days building and testing your system. We remove all the hassle associated with building IP, Network & 4G systems from scratch.

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    We can set up your camera with embedded live stream technology so its YouTube ready. This is included as part of our pre build service and removes the hassle of you having to set up additional streaming software. The only thing you need to do is plug the camera into your network. No running software is required. You will need an average LAN upload speed or around 6 mega-bytes per second. You can also embed the YouTube stream to your website.

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    There are 2 x main applications where this PTZ Broadcast IP camera system fits, they are: You want to live stream something to a public or private audience and would like to watch a live stream or you just want the camera to record high quality video. If its the former you may require the flexibility of having such a live HD stream embedded to your own website. The most efficient and secure way to do this is to use the YouTube live stream service and embed the YouTube video to your web-page. We also have the option to set the stream to private. 

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    Streaming live video may not be your primary objective. Let us share a recent success story involving on-demand recording. We was working with a trade partner and their End Client wanted to record, save and share HD video clips. The end customer was a manufacturing company and wanted to film and record video. The idea was to send the recording clips to their clients who was waiting for their product to be built. This systems PTZ HD live stream camera allows you to remotely change the capture angle. On demand you can then record and export video !

What is your application ?

This Indoor PTZ HD Live Stream Camera usually falls into one of three requirements. . .

There are three main areas for this camera: One is a need for a network based live stream camera you can use internally for recording broadcast quality HD video. The 2nd is you are looking to broadcast an event or promote your business to through a live public feed. The 3rd is like the 2nd but mass public is not your target, maybe you want a live stream of a construction project but only want certain people to access the feed.


In 2015 Canon acquired Axis communications for over $2.5 Billion, this is powerful and reliable technology. Canon have been delivering leading edge imaging technologies for over 80 years. Axis was the pioneer behind the worlds first network camera back in 1996.


A service we can run with live camera streaming is image capture and time-lapse. Time-lapse is another effective method to advertise and marketing your business. We have designed our own dual service camera system. This gives you a website that features your live stream and time-lapse portal accessed through password protection pages. Below is an overview of the portal. We set the camera to capture and send an image every 5 or 10 minutes ( fast rates are also available, every .. seconds ). You can see the most recent captured images and view through a historical calendar search.