Power Options for your Construction Camera

Here at Burgess Technologies we have spent years developing our 3G/4G Construction Site Camera Systems. One very important installation aspect, is powering the system.

As a new installer of this product, you may be wondering how the system installs in regards to the hardware parts that needs powering and more importantly, how that works in regards to your available power on site.

Flexible & Redeploy-able Technology

Other products available today require all system parts to be installed together. Quite commonly you will see a Time Lapse Camera and relating hardware combined as one. This means you would need a Power Source at the camera location.

**With the Burgess Technology System, it is not mandatory to have a power source right by the camera. 

We have 2 main system parts. The 3G/4G cellular enclosure and the Camera. The enclosure is plugged into a mains power socket. The enclosure houses a Power Over Ethernet switch. This takes the data feed from the router and sends out Data & Power to the Camera.

The camera can be 100’s of Feet away from the main power supply. The enclosure is plugged into the mains, a flexible Ethernet cable connects and powers the camera.

3g ip time lapse camera set up


The configuration settings are embedded rules within the Camera and Router. If you want to change the cameras position or location, this can be done in an easy fashion.


The below set up is the most popular. In that the 3G/4G “Comms Box” is powered at point A. Point A would be a local power source, 110V or 240V mains. Point B is the cameras location. Point B can be anything from 10 to 1000 Feet away from the Comms Box. The Construction Site Camera connects and powers on a supplied outdoor data cable.

^ This camera was left in its default image settings


An indoor Shorter Term Time Lapse System with Local Storage & PAYG Fixed SIM. Summary: For this application a plug socket was available at the cameras location. Therefore both the Camera and Box was installed next to each other. However, if this was the nearest plug socket but the camera needed to be 10, 20 or even 300+ Feet away, that would be possible. Just run an Ethernet cable from the Box the camera. This is the 8MP Camera system – Product Page Here.


Its always better to try and find a local power source. The 3G/4G Cellular Enclosure (Box) needs direct power. We call this Point A. You can then run out to the cameras position with a single flexible Ethernet Cable. We call this Point B. Point B, the camera can be 10 feet from the box or 300 feet. The Single Ethernet Cable, connects and powers the Camera

SOLAR POWERED SOLUTIONS, are available as a upgrade. Burgess Technologies can swap our standard Router and Camera for 12V DC Terminal Block input options. We would also supply 100 Watt Panels, a controller unit and a Deep Cycle Battery. Contact us here to discuss your own application.