4MP, 02, 3G Ethernet Time Lapse, St James Hospital

Project Description

£700 Million New national children’s hospital at St James’s Hospital in Dublin. The new building will be seven storeys high, and will accommodate 380 single inpatient rooms and 42 critical care beds.

This first Camera and Portfolio overview, is one of 3 x current live systems on site. First Frame LTD of Dublin Ireland are the incumbent Photography & Media company. Working closely with Ian and his team, Burgess Technologies built and supplied a 3G based Construction Site Project Documentation & Management Camera.

Ian had 3 locations to which he needed to install the hardware, his access and time on site was limited. We provided Ian with an out of the box solution. “Plug & Play” is not a favorite term of ours and in the networking world, we believe its a little over used. However, our 3G HD Time Lapse system is as close to plug and play as you can get.

The image of the system to the right here –>
This is how the product ships, simply take it to site and power the box up. Run the included Ethernet cable to the camera location, plug the camera in, job done ! The camera will instantly start to capture and archive data stamped images to a remote Clod Host. You can see an example of the Time Lapse Remote Cloud Host here.

After positioning the hardware, our customer called through to us, we checked and analyzed the field of view was good and images was transferring the Remote Cloud Host. For the next week we monitored the camera and made a few final image enhancement amendments.

4G cloud camera

We believe the image capture from this Camera is crisp and clear and the cameras position is dome distance away. Please note though, this is the lowest resolution HD System we build. Its still an impressive 4MP (Quad HD) and captures a construction site image in a imposing 2688 × 1520 pixels. Please also see this projects two other cameras which are positioned closer.

Same Quad HD Camera at location 2 from a closer view point
Same Quad HD Camera at location 3 from a closer view point


Live Preview