PAYG SIM, 20,000 4K Images On-board, Remote Check Up

Project Description

This project was a little different from our usual long term outdoor build and supply. Our partner wanted to record an internal project over 6 weeks. They needed a capture around 18,000 images and due to the short duration, this meant an image every 60 seconds. Our preferred method of image storage is to capture and transmit to a remote host. For a 6 week project, a 12 month Static SIM was not practical.

Here’s what we did, we formatted a 64GIG internal memory card, set up an FTP path from the Camera to the SD, then stored and captured an image every 60 seconds. This was done over a set schedule of 8am to 6pm. We also set the Camera up with a Pay As You Go Static SIM card, this allowed our partner to log into the Camera and site remotely. We also set up a Snapshot Trigger URL, this allowed our partner to command the camera to capture a live image, from any internet web-browser.


Live Preview