4MP, 2688×1520, 3G, Project Monitoring Camera

Project Description

The start of a new build project in Ireland. Our trade customer needed 3 x 3G Cameras that would document the build with remote image view and management. Access to the site was limited at the this stage, our partner needed a solution that he could deployed in quick fashion without any hassle.

Like all our stand alone network and mobile based Construction Site Cameras, all the technical “putting together” was done in our workshop. The picture of the camera you can see here -> on the left, this is how the product lands with you. All that was left to do on site, was the power the 3G/4G Enclosure and position the camera.

After positioning the hardware, our customer called through to us, we checked and analyzed the field of view was good and images was transferring the Remote Cloud Host. For the next week we monitored the camera and made a few final image enhancement amendments.

Live Preview