Our video examples are screen recorded from a laptop and are just 960 pixels wide. Also, the portal runs off a lower resolution feed to your main full resolution image folder directory. This is not a reflection of the full resolution image capture of up to 5,472 x 3,648.

The image capture works from 2 x pre-set streams. Full resolution images are sent and stored in your remote cloud folder directory. You have access to this and can use for post-production. A 2nd smaller res stream is used for the portal. The web-portal is 1080P HD, web images are satisfactory at 72dpi and hardly ever larger than 1200 pixels wide, so this approach works well.

The LIVE LOOP feature stitches together the last 1000 ( max ) images. You can select the last 10,30,60,100,300 & 1000 frames. You can also alter the speed they play.

BRANDING: There will be no mention of Burgess Technologies on this portal. Name reference text can include yours or your customers name.


  • The set-up of multi streams, 1080P to the Portal & Full Res 4K, 20MP etc to your Cloud Folder Directory
  • Set up and provide you with FTP remote access into your Cloud Folder for mass image transfer
  • Build the Portal
  • Build your portal into a more compact & streamlined web-page
  • Incorporate multiple on page portals for multi site access
  • Host the portal with a neutral white label domain that you can provide to your customer
  • Set up users and passwords if required
  • Build a web-page image list that shows the customer your full res images in date order