“IIP” – Interactive Image Platform

Each Cellular Construction Site Camera System we build, is pre-installed to a Remote Cloud Host. For clients wanting a more interactive viewing experience, we can upgrade you to the Interactive Image Platform. The optional service add on is charged every 3 months.

LAST 3 IMAGES: The last 3 images that your camera has captured. If you have a capture rate of every 10 mins and its 4.02pm. The last 3 x images will be from 3.40pm, 3.50pm and 4.00pm. You can click to enlarge and examine.

OVERVIEW SEQUENCES, LAST 24 HOURS & 30 DAYS: The Overview “Videos” are not full sequence. Our software selects a specific image number and displays them in order. For example, show the 5th image. So, if there was 100 images, it would display image 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and so on.