PLEASE NOTE: The above video grab is only 900 pixels not the full 4K avilable.


Some of our remote camera systems have the ability to time-lapse and live broadcast. Streaming live to YouTube does not mean everyone has the ability to view the construction project. We can set the stream to private. You can then share the private link with the End Client or we can embed the video to our portal or your web-site, both of which can be password protected.

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    Our HD Live Stream System can stream and schedule stream to YouTube Live. The use of Googles own servers gives us a super smooth stream. We can also incorporate a Logo, weather and text information at the foot of the stream. We can also set the same system to Time-Lapse.

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    Within our pre-configured Live Stream BOX is a mini PC loaded with our RTSP scripting. It also includes all required networking hardware. The PC is also pre-loaded with Team Viewer, a screen sharing software. In the event of any required technical support, we can log into the PC remotely.

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    To accompany your live stream we can set the camera to capture and archive images to our remote cloud and web-browser portal. From any internet enabled machine you can log in and view recent images. With the calendar search feature you can quickly search and view historical images. Portal image example here.

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    Your own application will fall into one of several requirements. Not just construction, but our Live Streaming can be used for business promotion & sports events and either wont need any privacy. However, if your construction project wants to remain out of the public eye, the stream can be set to private. There are options to embed to your own web-site or our web-browser portal.

A lot of our systems go out 4G enabled as a true ready to go system. 4G is great for Time-Lapse but not so great for live streaming HD video. However, making use of an available on-site switch or router will reduce cost and open up our RTSP services.

One of the best features of Burgess Tec system is that it has the ability to integarte to the End Clients network, if they have one. Even if they do, you can not always assume the IT people will accomodate the use of what is a 3rd party system.

ASK THE QUESTION: Ask the End Client: Do you have an availble network on-site and can we plug a network time lapse camera into your router ? Also state that someone who looks after that network will need to be on hand on install day. If the End Client really wants Live Video then they should be able to instruct the IT people to accomodate & help with the install.




An available physical network is required to deploy our live stream broadcasting camera. This system allows you to remotely monitor the build through your own YouTube TV Channel. Like all our systems, we spend days pre-building, configuring and testing. We set the camera up so its YouTube Live ready. Streaming your project live on YouTube does not mean the entire world can see it, you can set the stream to private and just embed the video to your own website. Using YouTube live is using Googles Servers and streaming technology. This will ensure the best streaming service available, far more superior than other problematic solutions.


Sitting back and watching a live feed of your construction project on your TV. You need a smart TV and the YouTube App.


You can stream video over a fixed HD camera or a PTZ camera. With the Pan Tilt Zoom option we can set the camera to tour different areas of the site. We can build a dual system which will time-lapse and broadcast and our 4K UHD system is usually the preferred choice. If the camera is not being used to collect and store JPEG images then maybe just a 1080p full HD camera will suffice.


To put that into perspective, 24 FPS is the industry standard for films we watch on our TV. A typical full hd live stream we can set up will deploy 25 FPS. However, for sporting events or any applications where you need ultra smooth video, we can go up to 120 FPS.


Decide if you want a live stream broadcast ip camera system or one with time-lapsing capabilities. Lets talk about what you want the system to do and we will then build it. Quite simply we can configure the camera to stream to youtube and you can embed to your own website. Alternatively, we can build & configure a dual camera system, dual in that it will Broadcast and Time-lapse from the same single camera. You can sit back and watch the construction unfold on your phone, computer, tablet or smart TV. Furthermore you can remotely access captured images through our own-built time-lapse portal. Regardless if its Broadcast, Time-lapse or both, we spend 3-4 days building and testing your system. Its delivered as a true plug and watch/capture system.

  • We have certain systems that are superious for live video broadcasting
  • 1080P full HD is a seriously powerful option / 4K UHD is also available
  • A Router is required for constant Live Video
  • You can record & export short video clips over 4G
  • Constant live video can be embedded to our own-built portal
  • YouTube live broadcast is the most effective stream we build