Our HD Time Lapse Systems are built with the Camera configured to a Cloud Server. This is the most popular method for archiving images. However, if you want to use your own Server, this is an achievable alternative.

Each solution includes a M2M (Machine to Machine) Cellular Router. This allows us to Pre-Programme the hardware as a stand alone system. You can advise us on your own Servers FTP Credentials. If you are not using our Cellular Router and using your own network, only you can complete the image archiving parameters.

Typically with this type of Time Lapse application, the End User usually just buys the hardware and uses their own LAN and completes the install and programming. They then set up Port Forwarding, we log into the Camera and incorporate the feed to the BT Remote Portal.


Our most popular image capture architecture is the 50GB Cloud Server. This method of integration allows us to complete all configuration settings. When you power your camera up it will start to archive images to the Cloud. This ensures the installation is fast and hassle free.

The 50GB Cloud Server is procured on a 12 monthly subscription. Our on-page product price includes the first 12 months. After the first year, you have the option to renew with Burgess Technologies at around £99.00 per year.

Please also note, you own this technology, after the first 12 months, you could buy your own cloud server space. You have that freedom and flexibility.


On occasions your End User may require a more interactive platform for viewing images. We can build a feature rich viewing portal with your Logo on. This will help showcase your business and brand

  • Web-browser based, Re-Brandable Remote Portal
  • Secure Virtual Server Image Storage & Back-Up
  • Your LOGO on the Portal
  • On-Image Weather and Date Information
  • On-Image Watermark Options
  • ON-Page Main Image View, Auto Refreshed
  • ON-Page Image Library – Typically last week
  • ON-Page Auto Create Time Lapse Movie by end of Day
  • ON-Page Auto Create Time Lapse Movie by end of Week
  • ON-Demand Movie creation – By Request

Our in-house Software can make a Time Lapse Movie at any time throughout the project. You can pass this service onto the End User. This would just be a simple Time Lapse movie with no sound.

To discuss your own remote monitored time lapse application, contact us here.