VIDEO VERIFICATION creates effective & proactive surveillance. Just having cameras in place is not enough to deter thieves these days. Even with after the event recordings, due to cuts and resources the police don’t often have the time to peruse matters. Video verification uses intelligent A.I technology to detect intruders and reduce false alarms. Sirens & Loudspeakers are used for effective on-site audio challenges. The video verification images can be sent instantly to an Alarm Receiving Centre, who monitor the situation, warn off intruders and call the police. THE ENTIRE SYSTEMS RUNS FOR YEARS OFF BATTERY POWER & OPERATES OVER AN INDEPENDENT 4G CONFIGURED ARCHITECTURE.

If you are supplying media & photography services into the construction industry, your customer usually has a healthy budget for remote monitored video surveillance. ARC Monitored CCTV systems rent for on average £400 PER WEEK !

Until recently, Burgess Technologies was just look like you, in that historically we have had no desire to venture into CCTV camera installation.

Why ? We didn’t want to take on the installation responsibilities and extra support work that current CCTV systems demand.

Traditional CCTV: Going to construction sites, drilling through walls, running cables to fit traditional camera systems was not appealing to us. It warrants too much time on the install and support.

Solar CCTV Towers: Although this is a system we could assemble, it’s quite costly. As a reseller, you could potentially buy a CCTV Tower for around £6,000 to £7000. You also need to store them, tow them to site and although we would be comfortable with the solar aspect, you as our customer would need to learn about solar panels etc.

Working with our media production customers, we now help them install Rapid deployed wireless based Video Verification systems. No power or network is required on-site. Each HD Detector Camera deployed in minutes. The cameras link back to an on-site bridge which sends alert images to the end client or an Alarm Receiving Centre. HD images and video clips are viewed on a cloud based command centre, easily accessed through a web-browser URL. The entire system runs on rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with a 2-4 year run time.

Rental based Rapid Deployed CCTV systems are now favoured by end users. Proactive site protection with remote monitoring & on-site audio alarms are significantly cheaper than manned-guarding.


R-Fit is the Burgess Technologies Rapid Fit range. Our wireless 4G ready battery powered video verification camera systems are over 60% cheaper than other deployable systems.

We pre-configure & build the 4G battery intruder system in our workshop, its set up to 4G high speed broadband network and its ready to talk to the Alarm Receiving Centre. When you take it to site, just mount the cameras and check the view. No drilling through walls, no towing CCTV towers, no installing solar panels. You can carry the entire battery powered intruder system in a case.


Other deployable camera systems could cost you a £7000 – £10000 investment. That does not include any ARC services. The Alarm Receiving Centre will monitor the site and call keyholders or the police.


Video Verification can be deployed to capture small res VGA or HD quality. VGA at just 320 x 240 Pixels is a popular choice. Remember, effective intruder systems with audio warning are deployed to prevent crime. Its not to look at high res images after the event. The VGA system is usually enough for the alarm receiver ( Owner, Staff, Keyholder, ARC or Police ) to know and act when someone is in the trigger zone.


  • 4 x VGA or HD battery powered 4G wireless cameras, 2-4 year battery life
  • 1 x 4G control box, 2-4 year battery life
  • 1 x Outdoor Siren , 2-4 year battery life
  • 1 x Alarm Receiving Centre subscription – Yearly charge
  • 1 x All pre set up and ready to install