4K 4G Indoor Time Lapse

4G Indoor 4K Time Lapse Video Camera for Internal Fit Out

Internal time lapse projects are becoming ever so more popular. Stake holders and project managers are looking for ways to monitor the build remotely. End clients are looking for ways to time lapse their indoor fit out project. Such a project may throw up some technical questions around the actual time-lapse camera, what resolution do you need ? Our 4K Ultra HD Camera over 4G is the most popular system we sell.

Connectivity is another important subject, is it better to use your own network or to use a 4G network. We will cover the pros and cons of both. In this post we are going to highlight a recent indoor fit out project that deployed one of our 4K indoor time lapse camera systems. Although the client had their own physical network they opted to use our 4G hardware.


4G indoor fit out time lapse camera4K Indoor Time Lapse 4G or not ?

The technology we use is high end network video cameras. These devices use the Internet (IP) to operate therefore the option to use your own networking infrastructure is kind of a possibility. For indoor time lapse the option to plug into the network will be more practical than say an outdoor construction build. However, there are several reasons why using the 4G network is more flexible and beneficial.

SEPARATE TO YOUR OWN MAINTAINED NETWORK: This is very, very common as network managers don’t like new devices on their own network. Only on a few occasions have we agreed to sell a system with the understanding the end client will hook it up to their own network and each and every time the indoor time lapse camera system has been returned, for the addition of a 4G set up.

WHO WILL SET UP THE CAMERA ? Another very valid point, you have your indoor time lapse camera on site, you have plugged it into an available network point, who is then going to set up the remote access and port forwarding ? Port forwarding itself is very difficult to set up. Will the end users IT guy be happy doing this ?

4G Indoor Time Lapse = Stand Alone System

This is key to why most partners purchase the camera system as 4G enabled and ready. Using the cellular network allows us to 100% fully configure the internal time lapse system as a complete stand alone solution. Using a 4G high speed router allows us to ship the system as a true plug and capture product. Nothing is left to do other than plug the comms box into a mains socket and then mount the camera to a wall. Using 4G also allows you to move it around to any parts of the building where a network port may not be available.

The below image is an example from one of our 4K indoor time lapse camera systems. The camera was quickly set up on site needed just power. The images are being sent to a cloud server from 7am until 7pm. We set the image capture rate to every 10 minutes. Both the schedule and image capture frequency can be changed remotely.

Please note the 4K time lapse image below has an original resolution size of 3840 x 2160 4K Pixels. It may not look its best on this specific page as its been compressed to fit the much smaller resolution page. For lots of sample images including some internal fit outs, please see our portfolio section here.

4k indoor fit out time lapse camera

Power & Cabling the Time Lapse Camera

Our 4K Indoor Time Lapse Camera does not need to be placed directly next to a power point. When we say a power point we mean your standard UK plug socket. Our system comes in two sections. One is the 4G communications box and the other is the Camera. If you refer back to the system pictured at the start of this post, you can see an example of how it looks. You will notice that fit out time lapse camera is connected to the grey box an a camera connector cable.

indoor fit out timelapse cameraThe camera connector cable  is a cat5e Ethernet cable. This is used to power the camera and you can run some 330 feet away from the box and plug socket. if you look at the picture to the left you will see the back outdoor data cable. We supply as standard 50 feet of data cable we can make a longer run if needed. This is one of the first things you need to find out: How far is the ideal camera position to the nearest power source / plug socket ? Once you know that you can organise the correct cable length.

4K & 4G Indoor Time lapse: FEATURES

So far we hope you have understood the benefits of deploying a 4G LTE architecture, this can be a complete stab alone time lapse system and allows is to configure everything before it ships. This ensures your time on site will be brief and without any technical challenges but what about the rest of the system and features. Lets take a closer look at the most popular features our partners enjoy:

Cloud Enabled: The Indoor time lapse camera is pre set to a hosted cloud server. This costs £150 per year but can be FREE for the first 12 months depending on what promotions Burgess Technologies is running, contact us to find out. The cloud server offers you a space of 50GIG, depending on the duration of your time lapse project you could store your entire project here. It is more common though for you to transfer your construction site images off every few months.

Remote Image Folder: With an internal fit out time lapse project the person who requires the images will probably be at the same site the 4K and 4G timelapse camera is. Remote operation and access to the 4K UHD images will still be beneficial. Even if you are located at the same site, the last thing you want to be doing is collecting images directly from the video camera. With the 4G network and the remote access we configure, you can access the camera from your office or even your home. This makes post production and time lapse creation more flexible and less hassle.


In the systems most simplest operation you can access images remotely and always be able to access the most recent images captured. A lot of the time customers enjoy a more visual display of the images. For these instances we build our own 4K 16:9 Time Lapse portal. This has been developed by Burgess Technologies and runs on a hosted Linux server. If you an End Client you will find stake holders, project managers and owners love this feature. If you are a trade customer, again this is ideal for your own client and we can brand the Portal with your logo and company information.