4G/4K ULTRA HD TIME LAPSE – Low monthly cost, incredible features !

Burgess Technologies: Your #1 Partner for SELF INSTALL Network Video Time Lapse

4G, Cloud, Remote Managed & Monitored. Internet Ultra HD 16:9 IIP Portal & Remote Image List. 5MP, 4K-8.5MP, 4K 12MP & 20MP

  • 4G Enabled, remote hardware & image access configured.
  • Power up and point the camera, installation is complete, NO outsourcing.
  • Room for 1 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive upgrade – 1 Million+ images.
  • Multiple Capture Streams, 10 minutes to the cloud 30 seconds to the 1TB HDD.
  • Room for Power Distribution Unit, 2-way or 3-way, additional upgrade.
  • Needs direct power but the camera can be 100’s of feet away.
  • 12V version available for Battery and Solar applications.
  • Add your Camera, 5MP, 4K Options: 8.3MP, 12MP or 20MP @ 5472 x 3648
  • Instantly sends your scheduled captured images to the remote cloud.
  • IP65, ABS, Outdoor & Indoor Use
  • As is, wall mount or pole mount adaption.

About Us

A Self-install Plug & Capture System - 4G LTE, 5MP, 4K: 8.5MP, 12MP & 20MP options

Our camera systems are perfect for any business that wants to create time lapse films. Burgess Technologies is not a production company. We are an in-house Cellular & IP systems integrator and provide our system to those that want to be in control of their own post production & image marketing. Ideal for anyone wanting to remote anytime/anywhere access to captured images. We spend days pre building & testing our system so you dont have to. A self install solution designed for the complete novice of its technology.

4G IP VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEMS - Time Lapse & Security Recordings


  • AXIS
  • SONY



Pre-built & Pre Configured - Plug into the mains or a 12V battery & images are instantly sent to your Cloud Folder.

We love Boxes ! The box is the brains of our system. Whats not to love about the Box. You can brand it, it’s intelligent, tidy, weatherproof, wall/pole mountable, it protects the pre-configured hardware. Equipment is DIN rail mounted and cables are connected through 20mm cable glands. Only our Comms box needs direct power, the camera can be 100’s of feet away, powered by the supplied data cable. 4G Comms Box, 1TB HDD Box, VoIP Audio Box, 12V DC Battery Box.

4g time lapse camera ip system
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construction site solar time lapse camera
4g solar time lapse

Our 4K UHD Network Time Lapse camera can be 10 – 300 Feet away from our “4G LTE Comms Box“. Connected and powered on one single Ethernet cable.